Online gambling which is also called internet gambling, includes games like Porker, parachuting, sports betting or slots. This has started from the 9th and 10th century. It was invented initially originated in China, by a card game through dominoes or lotto. Ever since the gambling has started spread wide and reached far. From then till present gambling industry and the casinos has changed a lot.

The growth of the Gambling industry

In 2012 it has seen a massive success with a growth rate of 75%. In 2014, only the gambling industry has doubled its revenue growth. In the year 2017, this virtual industry was valued at unbelievable $100 billion. With mobile apps being introduced, new gambling games have also been invented to attract the new audience. Even the relevance of the digital lifestyle hampered the consumer list of the casinos and bookmakers and traditional betting shops. Casinos have created the flexibility of playing games on smartphones at anyplace and any time. This creates a feeling of digitized gambling for the players.

Online Gambling
The gambling industry has rapidly adapted to respond with the increase of internet usage. Luckily it has done so successfully and skillfully. As gambling requires simple calculation and the application of random choice, networks can do more easily and efficiently. Moreover, it requires a small amount of data which have to be exchanged between a server and a player. Online gambling was available even in the earlier days of the internet. Even the online casino games like poker have historically been the most fundamental mode of online gambling. But there are now more new gambling games which are of digitalized versions. At first, many users were suspicious of gambling websites, but now, it has proven its hard work and efforts and entered the market successfully.


Smartphones and apps transformation

With the advent of mobile phones, many industries like restaurants, shopping etc.have changed its face drastically. Without the internet, surviving the business in this digital footprint is rare. The same is the case with online casino gambling. Mobile gaming has increased by 75 % and is expected to increase more. In 2018 the mobile industry about 51% of the population takes part in gambling every year. Thus implying financial benefits from online gambling sites. With its development of the gambling industry members have expected only the high-quality facilities. New features have been updated and needed to maintain the websites to stay on top in the market.

Thus mobile gambling may be intimidating to both expert and novice player as there are endless choices on the internet. Even there are new gambling games which makes gambling participants to find top online casinos secure, anti-spam, safe, tested and trustworthy around the world.

How technology changed the betting shop

The difficulty of traditional Betting-shops is to attract the customers continuously. Due to the competition from online and smartphones players can use their own home and play at any time.

Technology and apps have been increasingly discovered into the betting shops and by adopting touchscreen betting pavillions so as the gamblers can have fun socializing. While taking the benefits of convenient technology.

With the adoption of smartphones and tablets, in the bookmakers, the in-store experience makes the usability of the mobile apps with the socializing of the bookmaker. With mixed devices from cash acceptors, printing tickets, scanning cards, and tablets offer the usability of smartphones with the included functionality of integrated tools.

In the initial days of the online gambling industry, security was the primary concern. the same is the situation for many internet based industries. As the internet has taken a drastic change and implemented well-defined structures and rules, so is the case with online casinos. Online casinos have passed from loosely regulated bodies to credible, global organizations. This place a sturdy importance on offering players with a safe secured gambling environment.

Casinos have implemented novel ideas for their strategy to root out the cheaters. There is now a camera system which contains an AI which is capable of verifying whether the behaviour is dubious or not. They are even coming up with novel technological innovation which is taken up by the casino industry. With VR on the horizons, the opportunities for the coming gambling industry are endless.

More Convenience
Mobile and online casino has become a favoured option for numerous players. It provides flexibility and convenience which is unavailable with land gambling casinos. Instead of travelling to long distance places, and using the real cash gamblers or players can engage in fascinating casino games from comforts of their location. This provides access to 24/7  casino excitements, and even the players can play with their tablets or smartphones to play games like poker, slots, craps, blackjack and more.

Advanced technology has been the cause for many developments in the gambling industry and there is undoubtedly more to come. More websites are emerging and providers are always working to develop unique games and new gambling games to play. Even the mobile casinos have benefitted from the advanced technology. Many games which were using Flash now using HTML5. with this invention, players can use any OS or device and access the game. They don’t have to install any software to play. Moreover, the gambling industry is changing and adding many new advances to this industry, it continues to even grow.

VR enables high involvement
Players are significantly involved when the game is provided on VR, implementing them with many devices at their disposal, compared to the flat screen gaming. Though flat-screen games have the capability of making people feel emotional, it cannot be compared with the VR gaming experience. In the VR, players feel that everything is happening in reality. The players also feel that they are witnessing the events and are responsible for those displays. Though the initial game had done that, virtual reality games offer the gamblers with more tools.

Besides, virtual reality can also have the capacity of creating social experience while gaming. The player who is using the VR headset can view different virtual components. This can also be viewed as a puzzle where people can view these and communicate the same with other players.


From the time internet gambling has been introduced, this industry has found many ways to reap the advantage of new developments. Even in the digital era, it made sure to remain accessible and relevant. It is now becoming more comfortable to play and gamble than before with every mobile serving as virtual reality. Though the gambling sector has transformed to digital form, there are still the brick and mortar traditional casinos.

Having said that, these initiatives have now become digital gambling machines. Above are some of the technological changes which have taken place in the gambling industry. Thus, with the revamp, casinos are maintaining their clients. Players need to just roll out the dice and play the cards by using the touchscreen. The online games are now more compatible and can be played on android phones which can be downloaded from the Google play store. This provides a real playing feeling with its turnovers and features and many more advantages while sitting comfortably at home.