Are you thinking of buying your gaming laptop today? Worry not. With the hundreds of types and options when buying a gaming laptop, it becomes too difficult to find the one that fully suits your needs. However, there are more gaming laptops under $500 in the market today which come on a variety of different aspects compared to the normal laptops. Today, laptops have become a replacement for desktop computers. Why? They are portable and offer more flexibility and mobility when performing your every day’s activities.

If you are looking for a gaming desktop replacement that will allow you to enjoy your favorite game releases then you are in the right place. This article will try to make you know what to consider when buying a gaming laptop.

  1. Graphics cards

A gaming laptop is no difference with an investment since you have to spend your money to buy it. There are two basic choices to choose from which is between AMD and NVIDIA, but they all come in a broad range of different cards and by looking at their names, you can’t tell which is better than the other one.

Many users would aim for better performance on a desktop by doubling up and installing two graphics cards. However, that applies if you want to run the current games on a 4K display or connect several monitors, only that the drawback for this method is the limited space and also heat can be a setback thus this isn’t a perfect solution for laptops. Here, you need to do enough research to get a complete list of the top GPU options so that you get to know what’s essential for you.

  1. CPU

When it comes to gaming, it is recommended to go for a quad-core which you can get from Intel. However, you must also consider the processor frequency or simply how the CPU runs. Currently, Intel leads in offerings with the Core i7 leading, and second is the i5 although even the current i3 does better than AMD series. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a quad-core i5 which is popularly used for most gamers.

  1. RAM

This is also an important factor to look. If you want to overcome any problems with the majority of current games, you need to consider gaming laptop with 8GB of RAM. However, if you tend to have many applications running concurrently, you have a lot of video editing or maybe you are planning to stream your games, you can aim for 12GB or 16 GB of RAM. However, you can upgrade the RAM yourself later.

  1. Screen

When buying your gaming laptop, you must also consider the screen, however, you also need to think about two things; the size of the screen and portability. Remember, bigger screens are good to game on, only that they tend to make the laptop bigger, bulkier and consume more power but all depend on your needs, requirements and your budget.

  1. Battery life

The battery life of your gaming laptop is also a crucial factor to consider. In fact here you need to read up about the battery life of the laptop you are thinking of buying. A bigger battery is equal to more heat and weight, although a laptop may give up after an hour of gaming when on the highest settings regardless of whether the battery is bigger or not. The best solution is to consider buying a rechargeable power pack as it will allow some extra gaming with having to connect to the socket.


This guide is not comprehensive, however, the factors described are the most crucial to consider when buying your gaming laptop. Other factors can be considered afterwards but the above must come first.