The most successful brands have a grand strategy in their digital marketing. The result is a combination of a sharp brand image and customer experience. According to Google, a potential customer will get in contact with a brand several times before making any purchase. By being available in many places, you are creating a successful journey for your business.

There are millions of Twitter users, billions of Facebook users and millions of email users. If you could combine email with social media communication, you are likely to get a different trend to your potential clients. Given that a high number of users prefer getting promotional messages through email you would increase your sales as well as boost your brand image. Email and social media contrast by nature but they can be used together to form a successful strategy.

  • Their integration is quite essential since it helps in increasing the rate at which your email is reached and therefore improves your email click-through rates.
  • Sharing your emails via social media platforms, your email subscriber’s list will grow.
  • By adding social sharing buttons to your emails will help your customers in engaging with your brands on other platforms.
  • It will help you track your email performance and identifying the key influencers.

Discussed below are 6 strategies for using email marketing and social media to increase your brand.

  1. Build your email list using social media

Does your brand have many fans and followers on social media platform than the subscribers on your mail list? There is less to worry about since it’s possible to draw them to your email list. Your fans and followers have shown some interest in your brand by following you on social media, and there is a high possibility they will also join your mail list.

You can decide to post your email sign-up on different platform differently while including the benefits of your newsletter. The idea can be implemented by asking your followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to sign up to your email list via the use of sign-up forms. Using this method your subscribers have a right to decide whether to subscribe to your email marketing.

  1. Use your email to build an easy way to be reached

Let your subscribers have the knowledge that they can follow you on social media. In the real sense, most of your subscribers might not know that you have some social media pages. Take the high opportunity and ask them to follow you so that you stay connected to each other. Include your links to your profile on your email for people click them. You can also attract the newbie with attractive and unique content so that they find it worth joining.

By just providing your link to your social media accounts in your email won’t meet the primary objective. Request your subscribers to connect to other channels with your brand and also share the emails and offers. The sharing process of your emails by the subscribers on their social media accounts will help improve your brand and will have better visibility and easy reach.

  1. Build relationships

Make it easier for subscribers to access your contact and have communications anytime. On the bottom of your newsletter, add the section for contacts that link your social media profiles.  By doing this, subscribers will have a way to send you messages on social media platform from the email they got from the newsletter. Such a method decreases the barrier between you and the customer and thereby increasing direct communication.

  1. Disclose your social media success in your newsletter

Interact with your subscribers and show them your success. You can also encourage them to familiarize themselves with your content when you upload photos or videos, and they get lots of comments and likes.

  1. Reward your subscribers

The best way to use the email marketing strategy is to attract more users to subscribe and offer them incentives such as discounts, some free giveaways and email only contents. In whatever campaign you run, followers will react positively only if it has benefits on them. For instance, you can give offers such as discounts on referrals or purchases, use personalized emails in the next email you send. This will encourage them to share your brands and email with their friends, colleagues and even on the social media sites.

  1. Running strong campaigns

Just using your email to promote social accounts will not give you the results you are targeting. You need dedicated campaigns to massively drive traffic to your social media channels. Run different campaigns on the various platforms.

On Facebook use the call to action button. Facebook provides a call to action button that can be customized to build your “sign-up” on your email list.

The use of Twitter helps you in your promotions. When a tweet is clicked, the user can see your offers and can decide to make a purchase. The click gives a user permission to sign up which then sends you their contact.

Instagram is well known to drive lots of traffic, especially for retailers. When using the Instagram platform, the way to promote your newsletter is preparing to attract posts and inviting users to your bio as it only allows you to just place links in your bio. The use of this platform will help you increase your subscriber’s list.

You can also decide to send individual messages on LinkedIn. Those are just few examples of the major platforms used by entrepreneurs to advertise their sites. You can also use other strategies on snap chat and other sites. All these will drive massive traffic to your site.

Online marketing in some instance can be overwhelming. Strategies to run and improve the customer relationship are required. With the use of email marketing and social media at the same time we find that excellent results are achieved. Massive traffic to the site is evident. Besides all this, dig for information about your company from the users, get what they have to say, what they expect from you and their experience. Use the available information to plan the content you will share on various sites.