A creative crisis is such an insidious phenomenon that can visit a representative of any creative profession absolutely suddenly. Copywriters are particularly prone to this trouble because they often work according to the flow of orders, and not the tide of inspiration. It looks like this from the outside: you sit at the desk, pointlessly staring at the flashing cursor, and do not know how to get back the inspiration. Why can not you solve the task before you with the usual enthusiasm, why do not you feel a blessed inspiration allowing you to come up with small but indisputable masterpieces? Thousands of different “why” come to your mind instead of the necessary insight.

Physiology of Inspiration

It is possible to say that inspiration is a state in which a person is more efficient and result-oriented in his work. And the best thing you can feel in the process of work is a spiritual uplift that distracts a person even from illness. He simply forgets about his ailments. It is noticed that brilliant discoveries and works are born with a strong emotional creative impulse and masterpieces to appear by themselves. Someone in this state writes poems and prose, someone creates beautiful pictures, and someone makes discoveries in science.

According to the definition of the American Psychological Association, one of the most influential associations of professional psychologists in the world, creativity as a concept has two aspects. There are originality and functionality. In other words, the creative idea should also work in practice. Here we come to the most important in the question of how to find the source of inspiration: there is no point in generating ideas that will simply not be realizable in the real world, or their implementation will certainly lead you to losses.

A creative person, capable of gushing ideas and projects, feels inspiration when there are a desire and interest to embody a new idea. The idea, then the acquisition of knowledge for the implementation of the idea, and the very action to translate it into reality constitutes the process of creativity. And if the idea is not just embodied, but also useful, it encourages the search for more and more new ideas.

Idea vs. Inspiration

The quickest way to invoke inspiration and get a charge of enthusiasm is to generate a new idea that can be applied in practice. To find inspiration it is just needed to learn to see what’s around us. This may include:

  • Communication with interesting people;
  • Reading William Shakespeare Quotes;
  • Books and magazines of creative themes;
  • Beautiful movies;
  • Blogs and forums for creative people;
  • Contemplation of the environment;
  • Art and music;
  • History and religion;
  • Healthy lifestyle and physical exercises;
  • And a lot of absolutely individual things and activities.

How to invoke inspiration?

    1. Everything begins with the collection of information, its classification or processing and thinking about how you can use this information.
    2. Then ideas arise (which need to be fixed), and inspiration comes unnoticed.

How to keep inspiration?

  • It is necessary to be constantly ready to catch the idea, and this willingness will give a charge for inspiration. Make it a habit to search for ideas and reflections on how you can implement it.
  • Work with inspired people who are creative, energetic, positive.
  • Read every day everything you can, everything that you are interested in
  • Communicate with nature every day, draw inspiration from it.
  • Get in touch with new people, communicate with them, and listen. This communication will give you new ideas.
  • Change routine routes when you get home.
  • Take time for solitude and reflection – it’s very important and useful.
  • Move more. The most interesting ideas come during the movement.

Inspiration Should be Supported

There is an opinion that inspiration cannot be called only by desire. It appears unexpectedly as a result of strong emotions or experiences. Surely it happened with every copywriter that suddenly there is an idea, and you can not fall asleep night, thinking about how it can be realized. At such hours, there is uplift, a desire to learn more about this and it seems that everything will necessarily happen. And, indeed, much can be done with ease.

Acquiring knowledge and skills, observing the environment helps maintain the enthusiasm that is so valued in any business.

It often happens that until you start to do something, inspiration does not come. But in the process of work satisfaction and a desire to continue working come. You can say that the appetite comes with eating. Therefore, it is not right to sit and wait for inspiration to come. It’s better to start doing something.

All of us in response to gratitude (from listeners, readers, admirers) get wings for new flights. Therefore, it is important to share what you have done or learned with others. Receiving approval or opposing critics, you assert in the correctness of your offspring.

The most valuable thing is when the result of inspiration brings a sense of happiness, joy and inner awareness of your success, as well as the benefit to others.

It is believed that it is difficult to invoke inspiration. It is necessary to wait while it will visit you. But in fact, inspiration can always be found, the main thing is to know where to look for it. The ability to be in a constant state of searching for ideas makes our life interesting.

It is noticed that the person inspired by ideas becomes kinder and more benevolent; he is purposeful and does not complain about his failed life. Many creative personalities who are looking for opportunities to realize their ideas are among the long-livers. Therefore, each person simply needs to find the source of his creative enthusiasm or inspiration and should always be in touch with it.