The modern insurance industry is a fierce one. Competition is high, and unless you are the first to respond to potential leads, then you will most likely miss out on a sale. That’s why your business must be using the latest and most powerful sales engagement technology available today – without it, you’ll just fall behind.

A sales engagement platform (SEP) is different than your typical customer relationship management (CRM) software that focuses mainly on maintaining customer relationships through an advanced database. Sales engagement software is more focused on giving you the tools you need to engage with people in order to increase your sales leads and close them faster.

Save Time with Automated Processes

A SEP makes every part of your marketing efforts easier. A number of processes become automated, taking away the manual labor involved that could cost you precious seconds that could have been used towards making a sale.

Your sales engagement software can:

  • Automatically route web inquiries to an available agent
  • Allow you to create personalized and automated outreach material, whether by email, voicemail, or SMS/texting
  • Provide auto dialing that will put an agent in touch with the next best lead
  • Use a dynamic dialing queue to ensure that no customer gets neglected
  • Automatically determine when to follow up with leads using industry best-practices

Logical-Branch Scripting Makes Calls Easier

This technology also offers logical-branch scripting that can be customized to provide your agents with a dynamic way to engage with their leads. Logical-branch scripting makes calls sound more natural. Agents can click on possible objections or questions that their leads may have, and then present the appropriate responses.

The script adapts to the different stages of the sales cycle and will help agents close their sales more often with more efficiency. You’ll notice a difference in the amount of sales closed when you’re utilizing this technology, especially because your agents will feel more confident and better prepared when making cold calls.

Utilize Real-Time Insights

Perhaps the best thing about a sales engagement platform is that it provides real-time insights that can be used to improve performance. With a call-activity dashboard, you can monitor sales activity in real-time and evaluate metrics, identify trends, and monitor team performance.

This information allows you to make important revenue-generating decisions with accuracy based on the latest information available. You can also respond quickly to issues with performance and provide the necessary training and coaching when needed.

You can leverage insights easily and create reports on the fly and on the go for any situation – whether you are sharing insights during meetings, coming up with new sales strategies, or measuring lead channels and performance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In a nutshell, a sales engagement platform can be used to help your team work smarter, not harder. That way, they will spend less time on menial tasks and more time connecting with people who are looking for your services.