There are 1.03 million home invasions a year in the US, says the Department of Justice. And if that’s not enough to persuade you to invest in a hi-tech security system, you should consider a report from the University of South Carolina. According to that, over 60% of convicted burglars admit that they would back off from a home with a security system. Therefore, today, you really have no excuse for not protecting your home with simple yet efficient digital devices. Gadgets that are a must-have are a digital lock, security cameras, and digital alarms.

How to Secure Your Home with Tech in 3 Steps

1.      Install a digital alarm with multiple sensors

Digital alarms of today can do much more than simply monitor open/closed doors and windows. These gadgets are virtual monitoring stations that will keep watch over everything that moves inside your home due to the motion sensors.

These alarms can integrate into a smart home easily, so you’ll be able to control them through Alexa or whatever other hub you’re using. Choose a system advanced enough to recognize patterns of movements, so it doesn’t send out an automatic 911 call every time you step out to greet a neighbor.

Consider getting an alarm that you can connect to your smart locks and smoke detectors.

2.      Set up cameras in and around the house

Video surveillance is another essential step in securing your property. The mere presence of a camera on the premises can be a good burglar-deterrent. However, you should have a few independent cameras hidden around as well. This way, you’ll be able to catch the images of criminals in case they manage to get through your primary security system.

For maximum efficiency, you should use several types of cameras for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. An expert in spy equipment GadgetsSpy recommends using a peephole camera in particular. This device will be invaluable not only to caption the image of those who try to enter your home. It will also remove the risk of coming near the door when the person on the other side is suspicious.

Cameras of today allow you to monitor your home regardless of where you are. You can use specialized apps to check on the premises using a smartphone connected to the Internet. If you have a digital alarm system already, you can send out an alert to the authorities remotely based on what you see.

3.      Install digital locks

While it’s true that digital locks can be hacked, regular locks can be broken as well. And the simple truth is, there is a smaller chance of your home being invaded by someone with a high enough hacking skill to break through a top-of-the-line security lock.

You can connect some digital locks with other smart devices, like lights and alarms. Thus, you’ll only need to send a command through your phone to put your security system on alert or on standby when you return home.

Securing your house with smart devices is very simple and definitely costs less than hiring a home security agency. Be sure to choose devices that can integrate into the system and work with each other efficiently.