Beauty blogs, dance companies, clothing brands, and almost all other businesses cannot expect to flourish if they don’t create a loyal online customer base in this digital world.

Customers are at the core of your business, making it essential to use various relevant techniques to grow your online presence and engage with them so they can help you take your brand name forward. 

Read ahead to see how you can build a loyal online customer base and engage with them to grow your brand.

1.Involve Customers

Customers like to feel valued and know that you care about them. If you want to build a loyal customer base, consider collaborating with them through website pages or social media posts that highlight customers who have complementing products and skills as your own. 

Your loyal customers help you grow, and it is important to include them in your milestones celebrations by offering exclusive offers to them. 

Welcome customer feedback and pay attention to what they say to use it to improve wherever you lack. When you incorporate their feedback in your approach, they will realize that you are receptive to their needs and dedicate din providing them a good experience. 

Additionally, their feedback reviews are also important to attract more customers, as 90% of customers use online reviews to decide if they want to visit a website. 

Furthermore, involve customers to test new website features or apps by forming focus groups. Give them a discount or gift to appreciate them for taking part in the feedback activity. 

2.Follow Your Audience

Buyer personas are essential to understand your audiences’ preferences, including where they like to interact socially, which social media platforms they prefer, their preferred source of information and entertainment, etc. These are important to know because:

  1. It helps you figure out the content type that your audience prefers. For instance, an audience that uses LinkedIn a lot will select opinion pieces, case studies, and white papers containing content that matters to them. But when catering to Instagram audiences, the content you put up will be significantly different. 
  2. It lets you engage with your audience, improve communication, and foster good relationships to create a committed audience. For instance, an audience with high use of Google+ will prefer Hangout with you as a way for engagement. 
  3. It helps you decide how frequently you should put up content on a specific platform and engage with your audience. For instance, LinkedIn users log in for extended informational sessions after every few days. On the other hand, Instagram users can use the app for a few minutes several times a day for entertainment purposes.  

While it is essential to have more social media accounts, it is better to focus more of your energy on one channel with most of your targeted audience. 

3.Newsletter Strategy

An email newsletter is an easy yet sure-shot way to drive customer engagement and increase your return on investment. With most of us having an email ID, you can target your audience through emails by sharing promotional content, new products, and other important brand information with your subscribers. 

Use the right approach of segmented email lists, personalized greetings, engaging subject lines, and Call-To-Actions buttons to engage customers with your brand and encourage them to follow through to your website or social media page. 

With so many options available to send emails, you should try the newsletter software to cover all your subscribers at once with professional-looking emails.  

4.Quality Content

Digital marketers often don’t understand the importance of quality over quantity. When you immerse yourself in the race to publish one thing after the other, you lose the chance to plan great content ideas, conduct research into them, and create an engaging design. 

Publishing average content can garner more clicks and initial interest, but it quickly fades away as the audience attracted to it might not be the one you want. Quality content attracts a quality audience. You need people who click and read through the entire thing instead of moving away quickly. 

Even if you publish one post in a day, make sure that it has unique and valuable content, which is enough to make up for the smaller number. Track engagement metrics to determine the value of your content:

  1. Time visitors spend on your website
  2. If visitors end up on your site through direct links or social posts
  3. How may new visitors visit the site as compared to the ones returning to it
  4. How does your audience interact with your site in every visit, including leaving reviews, clicking through multiple pages, downloading case studies, etc.? 

Make sure you understand your committed readers and create content that meets these requirements:

  • It gives real value to the reader and answers their questions about the subject matter in detail
  • It offers exclusive or difficult-to-find information like interviews, product reviews, tutorials, detailed guides, and case studies. 
  • It follows best practices for the category that content belongs to, like web copy. Ensure it has a great graphic design that is eye-catching


An online audience is essential to grow and engage with if you want to progress in this marketing game. Your audience is at the core of your brand’s success, and you have to ensure you produce valuable content to retain them and engage with them to grow your brand further. 

Make your audience feel valued and consider what interests them when creating strategies to attract and engage them.