Everyone wants to enjoy his favorite music in high-quality performance. Perhaps, iTunes still remains the most popular media player for iOS. But for various reasons, many users are still looking for alternatives. Demand generates a proposal. And we see a large number of applications that are positioned as a substitute or alternative to Apple’s native player. We will try to understand this huge variety and choose the player that best suits your needs.

Solutions to Choose From


It has a very similar interface with iTunes but it is supported by more formats. They include FLAC, Wavpack, Ogg Vorbis and others. For fans of “twist knobs” Decibel provides many settings and adjustments: volume booster, sample rate, output devices and other chips that will help you minimize any deterioration in sound quality. It has a simple interface. It provides convenient navigation for all controls and is understandable even for those who downloaded it a minute ago.

Audirvana Plus

This application has several interesting settings. There are an exclusive access mode, direct mode, increased buffer, integer mode. Also, it is possible to mute the volume when changing the device mode, if the device then gives a click. There are other small pleasures -all functions look interesting and the Audirvana Plus player looks the most thought-out and developed. Check their Facebook page for recent updates and improvements.


The Vox player has more modest functions. There is only a frequency automatic and an exclusive mode of the sound device. This player can be recommended for powerful modern Apple computers that do not require the advanced functions of Audirvana Plus.


If you enjoy the music from the Mac through headphones without additional tools, the sound sometimes seems pretty dry and flat. And even the iTunes Equalizer can not squeeze all the juices from your favorite tracks. There are several solutions to saturate the sound on the Mac. But the best program from the program improvers is the Hear application.

Boom 2 Equalizer

In order to improve the sound with the equalizer, you need to understand the frequency range very well and know what the slider is doing. More often than not, users who set the equalizer only degrade the sound. But the placebo effect works at full speed and they do not notice it.

As for Boom 2 – this is the only equalizer, the positive effect of which you can immediately hear. And it’s not just increasing the bass and adding an echo effect. Boom 2 really improves the sound on the Mac.

But most importantly, the program Boom 2 will do all these manipulations independently (automatically) immediately after the launch in three stages. The background music that accompanies the tuning process will sound louder, more expressive, and more intense as the program progresses.

When the program finishes, the user can adjust the equalizer manually. Just apply or reject the Surround and Accuracy effects. The initial effect creates a surround sound, it is perfect when watching movies. As for Accuracy, then the sound becomes more compressed, the instrumental solo or vocals line is selected in the compositions. More on Boom 2 Equalizer and its new features can be found on Twitter.

Final Thoughts

In general, Audirvana Plus proved to be the most developed player for listening to music on the Mac. Here everything is done to hear the music in real life when the computer is used for other tasks. But the cost of this player is the highest. If you do not want to spend money, the Vox looks pretty good. If you like the interface of iTunes, then you can compromise and buy a not very expensive add-on BitPerfect. But if you have a goal to get the real sound and are ready to understand the settings and their correctness, choose the Boom 2 for your Mac.