ASP.NET is one of the most preeminent and well-known coding development platforms in the world. As part of the NET framework originally developed by Microsoft, it now acts as an open-source program with a long and hefty production cycle that has cemented it as one of the most popular web application development tools in the world. It is also a continuation of the classic ASP (Active Server Pages).

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote access has become one of the most common methods of working in freelancer and developer classes. And as such, services like VPS are being used more and more to host developing programs on remote servers. ASP.NET is also part of this trend. However, there are things to consider when hosting an instance of ASP.NET on a remote server. These include the choice of the server’s OS, as well as the choice of a reliable VPS provider to act as the host.

Windows VPS For ASP

While there are still some debates on whether Windows has an advantage over other operating systems for hosting ASP.NET, is it common consensus that due to the inherent compatibility of Windows and the NET Framework, both of which are developed and released by Microsoft, that Windows should be the platform of choice for remotely hosting an instance of ASP. Therefore, in order to host ASP remotely, you are likely required to get yourself a Windows VPS package. There are, of course, several different hallmarks of a reliable VPS provider that we will evaluate further down the article, so you can make your own choice. But for now, Cloudzy’s Windows VPS hosting is an excellent option. It comes with excellent connection quality, more than 15 data centers to choose from, a free version of Windows, the latest updates, and even a 7-day money-back guarantee that all but ensures quality in return for your trust.

Why Linux VPS is not Preferred for .NET Hosting

So, you might be wondering that as one of the most widely used operating systems in the IT community, why would we not use Linux as the OS for your remotely hosted ASP version? The answer is rather simple. While you could do so in theory, without much problem, the .NET framework is developed by Microsoft, and so is Windows. So, while Linux usually takes the cake when it comes to winning the favor of the members of the IT community in most cases, it simply cannot compete with the inherent compatibility that is put into the design of ASP, .NET, and Windows. When you use ASP on Linux, you are already adding some elements of incompatibility, and then add the VPS connection itself, and quickly there could be lots of bugs and unintended errors. ASP simply runs much more efficiently on Windows compared to Linux, so that’s the reason why we won’t be using Linux to host ASP.

Five Qualities of a Reliable VPS Hosting Provider

Next, it’s time to choose a reliable VPS hosting provider in order to get a Windows VPS and host your own instance of ASP.NET. I devised five general categories that a VPS provider needs to excel at in order to be considered reliable for this task.


Chances are that if you are hosting an instance of ASP remotely on a VPS server, you know your way around computers and can find your own solutions. Still, hosting a VPS for specialized purposes can be a difficult process, and there can be a ton of mishaps and errors along the way, both during the setup and during the actual operation. A permanently available customer and technical support service is the clearest show of dedication of the provider to their clients. You can tell a good VPS provider from a bootleg option by the quality of their support.

Back up Plans 

There are tons of scenarios in which hosted data can be wiped out. These include online attacks, hacking, phishing schemes, and technical difficulties on behalf of the provider or the user making unwise decisions. Placing the blame in these scenarios is not of much use, and the only thing that is going to save the day is a backup plan. Make sure that the provider that you’re choosing has a weekly backup plan for your data at the least, and preferably a daily one. 

Data Center Variety

Another key determinant of VPS provider quality is the number of servers and locations they offer. This has two purposes. First, it allows you to bypass geo-locks and get access to a better connection with lower latency by choosing an appropriate server with close proximity, and secondly, it shows that the VPS provider in question has a vast hosting infrastructure that spans multiple countries and even continents, which is a key sign of quality when it comes to hosting. 


Needless a lackluster security protocol is enough to not only hinder the progress of your application development effort but to effectively make it susceptible to attacks that can lead to complete wipeouts. A VPS service is as safe as you can make it. So, make sure that not only the VPS server of choice has a good level of base protection, such as anti-DDoS measures, but that it also allows you to personally add more programs of your own to make it as safe as possible.

Flexible Billing and Payment

Billing and payment are make-or-break factors when we are determining the quality of a VPS service provider for hosting ASP.NET. While it does not have a technical bearing on the quality itself, it shows the mindset and quality of the provider nonetheless. Flexible billing, including monthly and yearly options with discounts, are always welcome. Another important factor is the variety of payment options. Cryptocurrencies are a great recent addition, as they allow for private, anonymous VPS purchases, as well as fewer fees and global purchase access.


ASP.NET hosting is not really as complicated as many people on the internet like to make it. All you need is a reliable VPS provider and a decent connection to the Windows VPS service of your choice, and you’re good to go.