There are many possibilities via subscriptions on sites or streaming application. The only disadvantage, it costs a bit if you want to be able to do without many advertisements that come to break the thread of listening, and inadvertently. Nowaydays there are less expensive solutions, or even completely free for all those who don’t to spend a lot of money . And without the need to register on the website, pretty  ideal to remain anonymous and without any obligation to download  a plugin.

To convert your videos, simply go to the home page of this youtube mp3 and you can immediately use the conversion platform to get the mp3 formats in a few clicks.

On the search bar below,  you can enter the URL of the video you want to convert or just some keywords.
There is one button for instant download and the other one which grant the right to cut the song from a timeline.

Savetomp3, the simplest converter of the moment

The platform  offers a design that is both modern and clean. The navigation on the site is very fluid and very pleasant whether it is on mobile or computer.
To use the converter platform, there is no need to install a typical software or script.

A huge time saver

In addition, the site is free and will always remain free. To save your time, you can also download the YouTube extension that will allow you to convert your videos to mp3 much more easier from your favorite browser (Google chrome and firefox)
The service also offer to view and convert media from the most ranked video in each country. You will always have your source of music every day !
The platform is not affiliated with YouTube, Facebook and other sites mentioned above.
The download must be done in accordance with the conditions of use of the website.
In summary :

Download to mp3 with only 3 steps:

  1. Go to this
  2. Type a keyword on the search bar (the simplest method) or copy the url (classic method)
  3. Press “download” button (Optional option: the 2nd button allows you to cut the duration of a music)


Issoutv the funniest video platform WEBM and MP4
In June 2007, Risitas was interviewed by Jesus Quintero on the Spanish  television program named Ratones Coloraos, where he explosde into laughter after telling a humorous story about how he throwed kitchen pans into the sea while working at a beach restaurant when he was young.
The video was uploaded on youtube and gained over 1.1 million views over the next eight years

The platform is also affiliate to which provide the ability to upload webm video on the internet. For the moment the website will be totally redesigned. Some categories will be added to sort video from each other.
« Issou » is a famous word which is used by Risitas on a TV show. It’s simply an humouristic website that you can share and have fun with a vast community.