With the growth of emerging technologies, the demand for software and application increases. This is the primary responsibility of the business organization to deliver quality software under one roof. These days’ trends of automation testing raised bat with the introduction of speed and flexibility of the software applications.

The automated testing tools also help to decrease the cost and efforts of the organization. In the world of technology, quality assurance is essential before giving the application in the hands of the customers. Along with that, they also have to ensure the return on investment for the organization. But so many people confused regarding the automated regression testing. The reason behind this is that the technology is new, and developers have trust issues. But without trying, you will never trust them. Below stated few tips would help the developers and test engineers in regression automated testing.

1 Explore as much as you can

There are so many testing tools available these days; some are free, and some are paid. You have to choose one from the pool of tools as per your requirements. So, in order to get one best tool, you need to explore the world of automated regression testing tools. Every tool or website has different behavior and methods to test the application. Along with that, you must have full knowledge of the code and behavior of the application as well. It is advisable to use the mind map to create the structure of the claims. Mind maps are a process to keep the screenshots of the application to get an overview of the application. So, collect everything about the tools and application before conducting automated regression testing.

2 Coverage across Environment

The main goal of the automated regression testing is to improve the quality of the product with the less cost of testing. These days there are numerous devices on which the users will use the application and ensure the compatibility of the software with all platforms the organizations have to test the application for all devices, environments, browsers and operating systems. It is not possible for all the organizations to make this entire test possible. So, to ensure the compatibility of the application, automated tools of regression testing will help you. They test the application in all real-time situations with different browsers, devices, and operating systems. If your testing tool is not covering every aspect of the application and requirements of the end user, then you must change it as soon as possible.

3 Key scenarios

It is very important to cover end-to-end scenarios while performing automated testing. This is possible with the “Smoke Regression Testing”. To understand the whole scenario or the test cases, you have to go through all the pages of the application like from homepage to confirmation page. Following this way, you will get more exact results with automation testing tools. Analysis of data is a very critical step because if somehow you skip any important section or element you test, result will go differently and maybe they will not be appropriate for your test results. Smoke regression testing makes it sure that you consider all the elements and build the scenario based on them.

4 Reduce defect leakage

The meaning of defect leakage is the number of issues and bugs which were found previously at the time of the software development life cycle. This can lead the application towards various issues, such as poor functional testing area coverage. Automated regression testing helps you to track the various defect leakages in order to fix them and also determine the cost associated with it. As soon as you test your application, you will be able to find the false more frequently. Sometimes the small gaps or issues in the application remains unidentified, but you can also find them deeply with the help of automated regression testing tools. Catching bugs and reducing defected leakage is the most important aspect of using automated tools for regression testing.

The following are the various things which you can find by using automated testing tools:-

  • Find out the defects skipped while SDLC.
  • Figure out the cost associated with the defect leakage.
  • Helps to fix downstream defects.
  • Helps to figure out missing requirements.

5 Reduce knowledge leakages

This measurement forgot while calculation the return on investment. The average period to test the application is between one to two months approximately. This is very important for the testers to develop a long-term return n investment policy for an ongoing project or application. There will be some test cases which needs to be re-engineered or recreation, so he has to make the plan to keep those cases in mind. A well planned automated regression testing can reduce the cost and also reduce the knowledge leakages.

With the proper planning and documentation, you can easily make the testing process understanding and knowledgeable.


Selection of the optimized testing tool to perform the regression testing in very difficult and on the other hand, it is very important. If your select would not be according to the requirement of the application, then you will lead to the failure of regression testing. There are so many risks associated with the cost reduction and conducting successful testing. But if the engineers pay the same attention to the testing phase as they pay to the development phase then definitely they will succeed to build a bug-free and fully functional application.

You can also focus on building the new feature to enhance the product or software or application quality. This will ultimately provide you with an opportunity to stay competitive in the world of applications. With the growth of end user’s devices and platform to perform automated regression testing is becoming a need for organizations these days.

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