Cell phone spyware is one of the common threats in terms of privacy for the usage and functioning of mobile data on an individual’s cell phone. Spyware applications can have access on messages, call history, email, location, and has a feature of recording voice without the user intervention. Eventually, these apps are easy to install, more often, they are known by only a few user. Its presence cannot be tracked directly, but on the background, it continues to perform its spying functionalities.

The main purpose for this spyware applications is to suspect what other person is doing with their cell phone. In case, if the spyware application is hidden or if it is in stealth mode, its usage will be out of the norms. Many people these days use such misgiving apps to spy on their spouses, friends, and other 3rd parties.

When an individual use social media, email, and other services online including bank details, everything is monitored and tracked by these cell phone spy applications. These may sometime put the user into trouble, so it is their own responsibility to avoid such installations in his/her cell phone. It is now commonly used by the clients who work with the employees and are willing to know their work status clearly.

So, if the user wants to know who is spying on and are there any signs that the cell phone is tapped or monitored by a spy software? For knowing this one need not become a wizard, simply should possess a keen and open mind.

Cell Phone spy software utilization has become more popular, but the victim is being trapped without his/her knowledge. Because of specific spying software designs, they cause slight glitches. The following can help in detecting them easily.

Identify the changes in battery behavior

This could be the first hint to know something is going wrong. Observing sudden changes in the battery is one of the common defects that are identified when a spy app is installed. The battery will run down than usual, this is treated to be the first indication. Spy apps normally hog the battery of cell phone and cause a serious depletion. Many companies addressed this as the common issue. If someone is trying to spy with the older version, a sudden deterioration in the battery will be seen during the update of version.

The other cause with battery is, if the battery is losing its capability to hold the charge, then it is said that the age of the battery is over and it is the time to replace it.

Background disturbances in calls

Different variety of cell phones has different features that are varied with each other. One of it is recording the call. While some spyware grabs that feature in listening and recording the voices during the call. With this, there might be a slight disturbance and there is a chance of listening to some strange or unnatural voice in between the calls. It is suggested to use another cell phone and test whether it is occured due to the network problem.

If this situation is happening frequently, then it is said that there is something spying behind.

A few years back, monitoring programs use conference technology for detecting spyware disturbances and noise during the call, but due to the advanced technology, only a few providers make use of it. The main defect observed here is- during the call they might hear some beep sound or irregular voices which cause feedback and echo. So this should be identified and controlled.

Mystic Text Messages and notifications

Generally, receiving any text messages with symbols and numbers is one of the reasons for becoming a victim of the spyware. These SMS texts are used to send a command by the spying agents to target the cellphone and configure it. So if the cell phone is receiving such messages continuously, it is said that there is a spy software hidden on the phone.

They can access personal information stored on the cell phone and can also track the device. If there is ADM visible on the screen, it is said that someone is tracking the phone.

If it is believed that there is spy app on the phone, it is recommended to delete it immediately. For detecting the spyware there are a few ways:

  1. Uninstall

Dig into the process of the device dashboard to uninstall the spyware app. Some apps don’t have icons and are hidden inside the device settings. Make sure if that is not identified and removed with many trials, consult any professional for sorting out the issue.

  1. Update device OS

Updating the device to the latest OS can help in avoiding such spyware. This can help in resetting the authorizations which are previously exploited. It is also suggested to backup the data before OS update since most of the important information is synced over the cell phones nowadays.

  1. Reset to factory or default settings

This process is extremely useful and treated to be a severe measure. It involves enabling the device back to the factory setting. This option is usually found in the device settings, which can be done by any individual easily. This can remove everything else from the device.

Hence, this could help in protecting from the spyware. The only thing to remember is to note the necessary applications and back up the important data before resetting.

  1. Remove Jailbreak

Usually, jailbreaking allows a user to install 3rd party modifications and applications. It also helps to access the iOS file system. With jailbreaking the security of the applications will be vanished. While removing the jailbreak, it asks for an update of OS, this doesn’t make any changes with the data. Remember to update the OS through iTunes for effectiveness.

  1. Manually delete the affected files

When it is known that specific files are installed without his/her knowledge, removing them manually can help. Once the wrong files are deleted, refresh the device so that the spy applications were not seen again and are likely determined that there are no any mischievous files. Regular monitoring should be there to ensure that they are deleted permanently.

High Data Usage

Follow the monthly data use on the device to detect the spy app. There are a few application available for tracking the data usage approximately. With the information given by these apps, one can track the status and observe the change in their usage. If there is any change in the status shown, it means that there is something spying on. Besides that, approach the signal operator who can provide the information clearly on the data used.


Of course, all the above-described signs are slightly hinting to think and these could provide certain evidence. So make sure to note all these signs when spyware is attacked in the cell phone. It is also suggested to keep all the important data safe using iCloud, Google Drive, and other storages which can help to backup, save, and restore the data in case of loss.