Modernising the work environment helps in efficiency and productivity. You want to maximise whatever tools are available at your disposal to improve the workplace. If you wish to veer away from paper to documents and digitise the process, it would be better. The transactions will be faster. You can also utilise modern software and tools. While these are commendable efforts, they could still pose some problems. Some employees already feel comfortable with the status quote and are against change. These are some tips for dealing with employees who resist technological advancements. 

Explain what the changes are

It’s easy to complain about changes if you don’t understand them yet. However, if you have a clear picture of these changes’ uses, you will give them a chance. Perhaps, you have to speak with your employees to discuss the new technology and how it helps the business. You can also show how easy it is to use, and everyone will give it a shot. When you remove the fear in using the tools and equipment, these employees will change their minds. 

Don’t force everyone to change right away

You also have to be careful in asking your employees to follow the changes. They’re hesitant and still have a few questions. It doesn’t mean they resist change. They need time to absorb whatever technological advances you want them to follow. They might have their way of doing things, and asking them to transition immediately might be too much to handle. Give everyone a chance to learn the process and commit mistakes. Besides, just because these employees are slow in adapting to modern technology doesn’t mean they’re bad. They might have other excellent skills needed for the business to grow. You don’t want to lose them because you decided to force these changes. 

Allow them to be more independent 

At first, you can ask other employees to assist them while they transition. Eventually, they will learn to be more independent. It also makes them feel more successful. For instance, if you decided to create a “smart” meeting room, everyone should have the chance to learn how to use it. If you decided to install new sound systems, a ceiling projector, and other necessary tools, it takes a while to learn. Teach your employees how to operate the new equipment until they feel confident in doing the job with limited assistance. On the next presentation, these employees will be superb. They can do everything well. If you are yet to buy a projector, you can consider for the best options.

There’s nothing wrong with resisting changes. It’s common for any business. You also have to understand that it takes time to get used to changes. If you have older employees, it will even be more challenging. Eventually, they will accept these changes and learn how to use the tools and software well. Create a supportive environment instead of penalising those who resist at first.