TikTok is catching up quickly to Instagram and perhaps on its way to rival Facebook. As of August 2020, court filings published by the company showed that it had been downloaded two billion times worldwide, which means businesses shouldn’t ignore Tiktok advertising, especially when it comes to reaching users under the age of 30.

Just like any other platform running ads, TikTok uses an algorithm of its own which decides which ads go to which users and when. It takes the quality of the ad into account in addition to the likelihood that users will interact with it. 

Before you start, you’ll want to learn how to advertise on Tik Tok for optimal results.

Create a Campaign

The first step to running an ad is to create a campaign and campaign objectives, with various options like app installs and traffic. You’ll choose your objective and set your budget, which is what you want viewers to do when reading your ads. Do you want to get more traffic to your site? Get viewers to check out your videos? Drive conversions? The objectives can be in either the conversion, consideration, or awareness categories.

Setting the budget will help you control the delivery of your ad and keep an eye on your marketing budget. Once you hit your budgeted amount, your ad will stop running. Still, you have the option to choose no limit, which means there won’t be any restrictions, and you could easily go over what you planned to spend. 

Set Up an Ad Group

After creating the campaign, the next step is to set up an ad group. When you advertise on TikTok, you can set target audiences, ad placements, goals, schedules, bids, and budgets for each ad group. As you go through, most are self-explanatory. Activating Smart Optimization will allow TikTok to optimize conversion events and use smart delivery.

Creating an Effective Ad by Using Visual Impact

Your ad can be in the form of videos or images and should also include copy and a strong call to action. Unless you catch the attention of TikTok users, they’ll scroll on by. The key is to hook them in through visual impact. What motivates your target audience? What will keep them engaged? Think of your ad as your very best pitch. You have less than 60 seconds to get your message across, with the most powerful videos typically much shorter than that, ranging between 10 and 25 seconds. 

Don’t Forget the Music

At its foundation, TikTok is a musical platform. After all, it was called Musical.ly, and all videos play with the sound automatically on. That means your videos should have the right music matched to them to grab attention and spark more engagement. 

Think Trends

Your ad will have a better chance of getting noticed if you can adapt your message to the latest trends, whether it’s music, dance, or a challenge. What’s the latest viral challenge? In 2020, one of the most popular was the “fake trip” challenge, where pieces of scenery and a variety of objects from daily life were used to make it seem as if users went on a trip.