Since the COVID-19 outbreak created a huge impact in the hospitality and dining industry, hotels found a new way to continue their operations. With the use of QR codes, they are able to create a safe yet profitable hotel experience for their guests.

From the start of the global health crisis, millions of hotels and lodges are experiencing a demand breakdown in the tourism department. With the negative impact it made for the hospitality industry, continuing their operations during the pandemic is a big economic risk for them.

Because of that, some large and small hotels, lodge and bed-and-breakfast inns are forced to close their business for good. While these hotels gave up millions of jobs and opportunities, others continue to serve the adventurers and front liners’ needs for shelter and isolation. With the help of QR code generator with logo online, the hotel industry continues their operations despite the COVID-19 outbreak. 

What is a QR code?

Quick Response (QR) code is a 2D type of QR code that scans faster and store more information than the regular type of barcodes. This type of barcode is composed of small dots or squares placed in a square shape. It is first used to store and track information for automotive assembly.

With today’s modern utilization, QR codes are now been identified in two types, static and dynamic QR codes. During the times of a global health crisis, the use of QR codes becomes the center of new normal mode of coordinating in many societal functions. 

In the business and hospitality industry, QR codes are mostly used to mitigate the spread of infection from one person to another.

How QR codes help the hotel industry continue their operations during the COVID-19 outbreak?

As the pandemic continues to affect billions of people across the globe, the hotel industry continues to provide safe accommodation for travelers to stay and quarantine before continuing their journey. With QR codes to help them continue their operations, here are 5 notable ways on how the use them.

1. Used as a booking portal

One way hotels use QR codes during the pandemic is by using them as a booking portal for their guests. As travelers always feel safe when booking directly to a hotel’s website, hotels are finding new ways on how to direct travellers towards their booking site. And with the use of QR codes, they can automatically lead their guests towards their booking without the need of typing their website in the search engine.

2. Store digital instruction manual for hotel devices

 As people learn new things everywhere, the means of learning to operate hotel devices is beyond their normal usage. Since some hotels have top of the line equipment that some hotel guests may struggle to understand and use, adding an instruction manual is great for them. 

And by storing a digital instruction manual guide into a QR code, hotel guests will have easy access of the guides they need to operate. Through the use of it, hotels will no longer burden spend more for physical instruction guides and promote technological and safe information utilization.

3. Keep track of the guest’s heath record

With the current travel restrictions, keeping track of your guest’s whereabouts is necessary. Because some of their guests travel from one place to another, keeping the staff and guests safe is important. With the use of QR codes, they can track their guests’ travel and health record without the need of doing more paperwork for them before going into their rooms.

4. Fasten hotel check-in process

One thing hotel guests hate when staying in a hotel is the duration they need to endure when checking in. But as the number of hotel guests lessens during the pandemic, the problem for having a longer check in duration is eradicated. With the use of QR codes, the process in checking in to the hotel fastens.

5. Contribute to touchless engagement between staff and guests

The use of QR codes contributes to touchless engagement between staff and guests. As a way to maintain their staff and guests’ safety, the use of QR codes is used to contribute touchless engagements. With the use of it, their customers will no longer be required to fill up any physical health registration forms, check-in forms and any other paperwork and risk their safety with it.


Since the hotel economy is much affected by this situation, the authority is able to come up with a new normal alternative for them. With the use of QR code generator online, hotels can continue their operations while following the community health guideline imposed by their government.

Because of that, the hotel industry becomes a part of the fight against COVID-19 by providing a safe shelter to the front liners and travelers.