Video game has always been into controversy and debates about its negative effect, but we always tend to overlook its benefit on kids as well as adults. Nowadays video game is not a mere object to entertain kids but adults too are going head over heels over video games.

  • Being a parent or a guardian, you might have always been worried about your child’s health and the negative impact of videogames in his or her life. That is why this article is curated for you and everyone like you who does not know the benefits hidden behind playing video games.
  • Not only kids, even the adults are gaga over video games. And why not to be? Video game gives you a relaxing time and provides you happiness.
  • Playing video games have several health benefits in all the age groups. Being an entertainment source it also benefits you from increasing your brain matter to pain relief.



  • Enhancement of Coordinating Skills:While playing a video game all your senses are focused on playing the game, where the actions provide many stimulations for your brain by coordinating your physical, visual and audial movement which ends up in great coordination skills.
  • There are millions of shooting, adventure and racing games which can help in improving your coordination skills, and it can be played on gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or in browser..
  • Improved Power Resolving: There are various gaming genres like strategy games, board games, logic games that require various rules and instructions which eventually will improve your power resolving skills in a fun way.
  • Genius Heeha 200 Handheld Console could be the best console for children as it is portable and have amazing strategy games and more. Priced at around Rs.1400 but help the game coupons the console can be readily ordered at a 20% discount from any leading e-commerce website like flipkart, snapdeal etc.
  • Improves Your Fast Decision Making: Not everyone is blessed with perfect and fast decision making, where playing adventure and role playing video games could help teach your child how to make a better and fast decision in fun way.
  • There are several gaming means in market which have interesting decision making games for your kid and Reliance GameBox is one of them.
  • Helps Dyslexic Kids To Better The Reading Skills: The major problemdyslexic people face is attention difficulty problem. And according to research it has been found that due to the game’s changing environment it requires more focus which led to improve their reading after gaming session.
  • Action video games primarily helps it better reading which could be played on gaming stations like Nintendo 3DS.
  • Helps Control Depression: Now video game is the best method to say goodbye to your depression, as playing video games tend to produce happy hormones in you which ultimately shadows your depression. That’s you might find a lot of teenagers attracted towards video game and would have heard video game as their best friend.
  • Your favorite game that gives you the utmost happiness could be the game for you. It might be a dress up game, sports game, racing game, etc and for this purpose Sameo Game Tab is the best portable gaming console for you or your kid.
  • Improves Social Skills: Video games have been misunderstood by making a person alone and stagnant but that’s not true. Multiplayer gaming has opened the world of socializing and making friends. Even majority of the players like to play with their friends.
  • Multiplayer games are not only fun, but it helps in starting a conversation with new people and one such gaming station is Sony PS3 500GB which has numerous multiplayer games.
  • Helps In Improving Brain Speed:Games with time limit helps in improving the fast and better functioning of your game. As appropriate and right decision has to be made before the time runs out, which will eventually helps in making your brain function faster.
  • Board games, logic games these all are the genres where functioning of brain is required at maximum level and within a given amount of time, and for this purpose Mitashi Game in Infrazone NX Black would be suited appropriately.
  • Considered As A Great Source Of Learning: We might have seen nowadays that school have started incorporating video games as part of school curriculum where educational games are played to kids and toddlers which acts as a great source of learning.
  • Educational games such as counting in a fun way, find the missing letter makes learning fun , and for such purpose Genius Kids Designer Gaming Tablet is made which makes learning the best thing for your child.
  • A Good Memory Enhancer Tool: Instructions given in the beginning of the game and the memorizing of the console controls helps in enhancing your memory, ad you might even not know that. Games like GTA and other games where lots of controls and instructions are given are suggested to play.
  • Sony Playstation 3500GB is like the father of gaming stations where you can play any complex game with an ease of control over the controls.
  • Helps In Relieving Pain:You might be thinking that distracting yourself while playing video game might be the reason for your pain relief, but it also has a scientific reason behind it which is, that playing produces a pain killing response in our higher cortisol system which tends to ease our pain.
  • Sony Play Station 3 Mover Starter Pack is the best option for this case as it has virtual stimulating games that help in above mentioned fact.


Now after reading this article,I’m sure you would not end up getting scolded by your parents about wasting your time on video games. Instead, you might find an unrecognizable change where your parents might motivate or appreciate you for playing video games. And after all why not? Now you all now the major benefits of playing video games, make it a part of your life making it more interesting and fun. And also improve your memory powers and coordination skills and enjoy many more benefits for your body from video game.