Advancement in technology has led to the development and innovation in the gambling industry. Bygone are the days where you sit for hours in front of a slot machine. This is the era of smartphones. You don’t have to travel to places to play casino. Now, you can play casino like mr green casino online from the place you are.

Online casinos like are known as virtual casinos or internet casinos. In online gambling there is little to no interaction between the players and there will be no dealer. Everything is run through a computer program. In fact, online casinos offer different games. If you are someone who would prefer traditional casino games, there are few online sites that provide computerized versions of the custom casino games. With the emergent of online casinos, it is said that the percentage of visitors to gambling centres has dropped to 71%. The drop number is too high. This shows that Millenials are more attracted towards online gambling.

Online casinos are with the enticing graphics and sound effects that resembles the real slot machines. Along with the fun factors and user experience, online gambling centres pay extra attention in providing security throughout the gaming.

Here’s how technology has influenced gambling

Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Both VR and AR will help you interpret the surroundings differently. Experience a new level of gaming with virtual goggles. It immerses you in a completely different world. It is inbuilt with high-quality graphics, sound, effects and clarity. It provides a cinematic gaming experience. Whereas AR goggles elevate your video gaming experience. Online casino developers are still experimenting with and researching these technologies.

People are already using these technologies to watch movies and play video games. An online casino that is equipped with AR and Vr are said to get a large number of customers.

Use of Smartphones

There are about 5 billion mobile users worldwide. Yes, out of these there are millions of people who are using mobile casinos. Casino developers have recognized the importance of online gaming and are updating their services to develop mobile-friendly casino games. Some of the online casinos provide both the website version as well as mobile apps. This induces its visibility into the market.

As casino games occupy large space. The developments are inheriting to the techniques to provide compact versions that consume very less space on the mobile.

Big Data

Casinos make use of big data to collect information through loyalty cards. They will collect your personal information, favourite slot machines, money spent etc., by integrating with marketing team you can also analyze and target the people who are not into the casino. It can then redirect that group to the people who play casino like and spend $200 for each visit. Further, it provides offers for such group saying “$100 for a play” which is limited for a certain period of time. You can also determine a place for your slot machine.

It also provides security by collecting information like transactions made, cheaters, and employees. It scans the databases of the people who visit the app or a website to play. Big data also detects the relationship between the players by identifying their backgrounds.

Blockchain and online casino

Cryptocurrencies are generated by using the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has changed the concept of currency exchange and it is the peer to peer form of exchange.

So, how are these cryptocurrencies used in blockchain?

Online casinos are in search for the ways to implement blockchain technology into their platforms. Top gambling portals use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as their payment methods. Use of blockchain will reduce the extra cost during international transactions and provides high-end security.

Benefits of using blockchain

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Highly secured
  • Fast transactions

Geolocation tracking for Gambling

Online gambling is controlled by certain authorities which has legislation that acts in favour of it. Online casinos, online sportsbooks, online poker rooms are operated by the internet where anyone in the world can have access to it. The security services will prevent illegal gambling from being spread to the countries and states that prohibit online gambling.

How does a person living outside the border connect to a person within the border? Yes, you don’t need to worry about your co-players. Now, you can access the player’s identity by using geolocation by entering into the geolocation tracking technology. It tracks the exact location of a player to ensure a player’s identity. You are mistaken if you think changing the IP address can change the settings of geolocation. It isn’t that easy.  Geolocation tracking requires an opt-in and app download. It tracks a users computer address by using an internet service provider. This is an accurate technology and provides 100% results for each domain of an area.

Live dealer casino

Want to experience extra thrill?

Participate in live gambling games by using real-time internet streaming technology. The type of network has a huge impact on the type of gambling games that are available worldwide. Live-in-play betting allows a betting enthusiast to place a bet depending upon the changing nature of the game.

Live-in-play betting is available in different categories in thousands of market places. Earn while you rest. If you find any live games during your leisure time, you can log in and place the bets.

Players can enjoy the comfort, convenience and authenticity of gameplay either from a mobile phone or desktop. Live games consist of dealing cards, roulette wheels in real time. In live gaming, you can see, talk and text to the dealer. Live dealer games are readily available on play store and app store.

Enterprise content management

Casinos are glittery and glitzy to play. But, it is type of business that needs a casino back office to maintain the records of accounts, and contracts. Casino organizations make use of the electronic documents to enhance the workflow reducing the paper cost.


With the advancement in the gambling industry. There can be a progression in android or apple devices. There may be changes in the mobile functions such as bigger screen, improvised audio, high screen definition, and great visuals. No special requirements are needed for registration. Join for free, enjoy the gaming experience without worrying about security. Online gambling provides lucrative benefits with just a click.