Social media is one of the easiest and most economical mediums to reach out to the audience, you can use this platform to reach out millions of people across the world. Be it a new venture or a successful running business, social media campaigns have taken over all the other online mediums. You can’t find any company that has refrained itself from these social media sites.

Social media marketing has transformed itself into a full fledge industry. It turned out to be heaven for small business owners who don’t have much to spend on traditional marketing, for them social media is best place to market their product for free. Though social media looks very easy to work with, but to get your desired results you have to move in right direction with right tools in hands. Social media tools helps you in monitoring your marketing strategy, by using these tools you can see whether you are moving in right direction or not. There are various tools bloggers and social media managers use for smooth operations of their social media marketing strategy.

We start by looking at how to monitor your social media marketing campaign on different social media sites, subsequently we will see some tools that can help you in optimizing your social media marketing campaign.


Any social media talk is incomplete without facebook. It’s the largest social media site with over one billion active users. To see how your social media marketing campaign is going on over facebook, you can use Facebook Insights. It’s an analytics tool that is developed by facebook.

If you have created a group that is advertising your product, you can see which post has reached to maximum number of users. You can see that be seeing number of likes, comments, shares and number of views. By seeing such stats you can get an idea what type of contents about your product is liked by your customers.

You can also see your total number of fans. Another cool feature is that you can see how much traffic your facebook page has generated for your site and also which sites has generated maximum traffic for your facebook page.

Facebook analytics is all-in-one tool that let you manage your social media campaign on facebook.


It’s a platform that is full of professionals. People use LinkedIn to search jobs, while companies use this for hiring people. It’s a big platform, if you are advertising something that is popular among professionals like promoting your college scholarship program or a consultancy firm that lets you immigrate to US.

Like facebook, LinkedIn also provide analytics tool that can help you in seeing number of views for your page, your followers and connections. You can also monitor traffic generated by various sites to reach your post on LinkedIn.

Some of these statistics are shown in numbers while some are displayed by graphs. All these statistics give you fair idea about how well you are performing at LinkedIn.


It’s one of the fastest moving social media, as hundreds of tweets are generated every second. Some of parameters which you may look upon while you are on Twitter is your followers list, traffic generated to your site from your tweets. Unlike facebook and LinkedIn, twitter analytics tool is not available to ordinary users.

Still you can monitor performance of your tweets by seeing replies, like and number of shares it got. Based on your findings, you can than tune your marketing strategy for twitter grow your business.

Next we move onto tools that can be used to optimize social media marketing.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendar is one of the most important tools needed to organize social media campaign. It is a must stuff for all bloggers and social media managers.  It carries all the important info for scheduling, posting and planning. While there are various editorial calendars available online – one can create according to the need and understanding.

Editing software

A social media manager must have a full command on the editing software; this also requires an excellent photo editing skills and good eye to proof read the text.


Instasize photo editor app will help you build a brand on social media which will further help you grow an audience. The app is free to download and comes equipped with a ton of amazing filters, borders, and fonts. Quickly create content for any social media platform

Account management tool

There are various account management tools – most commonly being used are:


It’s a social media managing application that is available both in paid as well as free version. Hootsuit is currently linked with 25 different social media networking sites. It’s an app that lets you schedule your posting on your social media sites. It’s a tool that can be used to manage all of your social media networks whether its Instagram, YouTube, facebook or anyother social media networking site.


It can help manage and maintain the social media account from a single platform – one of the unique features of Buffer is that it can help a social media manger to edit the post at the same platform.

It’s individual version is free of cost and it’s best to try free version before buying the paid one.


It’s a application that is designed for marketers that are focusing on twitter. Twitter marketers can use this app to manage and view tweets of their choice. As twitter is very fast moving media and there are hundreds of new tweets popping into your account every minute, you can use filters available in Tweetdeck to see what is relevant to you. You can also schedule your posts on twitter by this simple yet powerful tool.


As its name suggests, Tweepi is an application for managing your twitter account. By using Tweepi you can manage your followers effectively. Once signed up with Tweepi, you will be able to see all inactive users you are following or unwanted followers. Based on Tweepi recommendation you can than make you decision. It also recommend you, people of your interest which you can follow to grow your marketing circle.

There are many other tools available that let you optimize your campaign depending on your social media platform.