If you are the person who has tried live casino first-hand, you may have been wondering how exactly does it work? While being a relatively new form of online gambling, this live casino technology shows no sign of ever slowing down in terms of popularity. Let’s discover how it works!

What is a Live Casino?

A live casino is basically an internet casino, which involves real dealers for their games. Its popularity has really grown rapidly ever since. Live casino gambling games, as the name suggests, are being played on a live casino in an actual casino or in some cases, real-life professional studios.

You can think of it as a live feed but with an online casino. A player would wager in an online casino that offers live casino technology shooting all the game footage in real-time. The game involves making the player like they are actually playing in a real-life casino establishment.

Magic or technology?

You may have heard of all these things, but not many people know why they are important or how they work. Some people are even skeptical about the idea behind this concept because it seems so foreign to them.

If you take some time to look at some of the features offered, then you will come to realize how amazing some of the newer features are and how they can help make your gambling experience a lot better more than ever.

Technology can really make a difference to anyone and is a great thing to consider when gambling with a live casino.

Key components

The real magic behind live casinos lies behind the technology that they have. Of course, different casinos may have different configurations and they may completely vary from one another. However, in most cases, they commonly have the following:


Needless to say, this is perhaps one of the most important components to successfully make live casino possible. A live stream would not be possible without cameras. These cameras need to be powerful as delivering a high definition quality with fluid frame counts are necessary for an excellent experience.

Most of the time, each live casino game offers multiple cameras at once to give not only the casino operators the flexibility, but also their players the freedom to control the camera the way they would like to.

For games like roulette, the game needs to have at least three different cameras: over-the-head angle, the wheel, and the main front angle.

GCU or the Game Control Unit

This is arguably the most important component of every live casino technology. It is at the heart of every operating live casino. The Game Control Unit is responsible for encoding the video for it to be broadcasted successfully.

Every room or game table has its dedicated GCU for a smooth-sailing stream. The GCU is surprisingly no bigger than a shoebox.

The tables

Apart from cameras, many casinos have customized their table with different configurations such as sensors, lights, and sometimes, software interfaces. The same can be said true if the game is for roulette. The wheel may be fully-customed to implement fair play and transparency.

The Dealers

Of course, the dealers are also part of what makes live casino possible. Given what live casino technology can do, it is not without these people. They are experts and professional enough to make each player’s experience exciting and memorable.


The monitors in question here are the screens that let dealers and casino operators see what online casino players see on their end. These monitors can tell a lot of information including whether the player on the table is online or not.

Where are they located?

As mentioned very briefly before, casinos typically make use of studios to orchestrate a live casino session. But the question is, where exactly are these studios?

Well, it actually depends on the casino. Most studios are often based on a country where the casino is located. This is for the casino to have full control over things that can be best managed hands-on. Sometimes, these studios are even within the brick and mortar casinos itself!