Looking for ways to personalize your iPhone but don’t know how? Click here for nine surprising ways to make your phone unique!

Did you know that Apple sells approximately 590 iPhones every minute? These statistics make Apple gadgets quite common. The company, however, has very few models even though we all want unique things.

How does your gadget stand out from all others? The simple solution is iPhone customization. Personalize your iPhone by making it more personal and unique.

Of course, we all want our phones to stand up. While you cannot customize the iPhone the same way as an android without jailbreaking it, your device can be a bit special. Here are nine ways to customize your iPhone and make it as unique as you are.

  1. Adobe Spark’s Wallpaper Maker

Practically everyone is familiar with Apple’s default wallpapers from their multiple adverts, so they aren’t the most unique option. Designing your own wallpaper will give your device a fresh touch. The Adobe spark’s wallpaper maker can help you bring some fresh life to your wallpaper.

  1. Get a Custom Case

Getting a new phone case is the easiest way to customize your phone. iPhones are quite popular, so you can easily find a case on Amazon, eBay, or in local stores. So get one and be unique, or better still you could get a skin.

  1. Ring Tone and Text Tone

Don’t use those iPhone ringtones that you keep hearing in public. Make sure everyone that shares your taste in music sings alone when your phone rings. Why not get the people around you dancing every time your phone rings?

  1. Add Your Photo

Show yourself a little love by adding your photo to your home screen! IOS lets you add a little more personal touch to your phone. You can add a photo on your contact card or the Apple ID on your info page.

  1. Organize Your Apps

The arrangement of your apps says quite a lot about you. Changing the layout of your apps will let you change the appearance of your phone. There are various ways in which you can arrange your apps, so just pick what works best for you.

  1. Add Photos to Your Contacts

When your mom rings, you want to see her smile. Edit your contacts by adding pictures so you can identify who’s calling you by that picture. When somebody calls, you’ll see their picture.

  1. Change Your Icons

With iExplorer, it is easy to change your icons. You can do so by downloading the existing ones in PNG format or creating your own.

  1. Alter Your Interface

To alter your interface correctly, you will need to either jailbreak your phone or download DreamBoard from Cydia. It has amazing abilities that allow you to customize your iPhone

  1. Stickers

Even simple stickers can change the appearance of your iPhone! They look great when you’re trying to add a little bit of flair to your device.

Personalize Your iPhone

The iPhone is a beautiful gadget on its own, but with millions of them being sold every day, they aren’t unique. Apply simple techniques or software alterations to personalize your iPhone. This can give them a fresh outlook that is simple yet sophisticated.

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