The gaming industry keeps on experiencing an exponential evolution over the decades. We started out at 8bit all the way to 3D. Dual shock has given way to online multiplayer platforms. Over the years, this industry has grown and now accumulates millions of money in revenue, just take a look at this VR gaming revenue forecast by Grand View research:

The future looks great for the gaming industry and one of the greatest evolution is the entry of virtual reality and augmented reality.  Having AR and VR has played a great role and has brought about a great mystical force that many gamers can recognize. In gaming, AR has been around for a long time. There are many games that take advantage of AR and VR to give a better experience. A good example is Nintendo Wii that has been able to capture the imagination of so many users to enter a virtual world where you can play tennis or bowl in your own space.

It is, therefore, clear that virtual reality and augmented reality are no strangers in as far as gaming is concerned. This article from Lenovo is just another evidence of that. The different technologies that surround the two have great potential to alter the gaming world. There may be great chances and shifts regarding how we handle interactions with other gamers and the way we engage in games.

The industry force

VR and AR offer limitless opportunities and the industry may grow into a billion dollar industry. AR particularly has found a great place in the mushrooming mobile market that we have today. 50 percent of all global games are apps and there are no signs that anything will change in the near future. Mobile handsets come with cameras that are inbuilt and this offers a great chance to engage in the augmented reality gaming.

Niantic’s pokeman go was released in the year 2016 and this was a new moment for AR. The game accumulated over 800M downloads all over the world.  The most captivating thing is the way users can interact with life as they try to catch monsters. There is an incredible relationship that costs between AR and mobile gadgets and there is no end in sight. Developers are really looking for better ways to continue improving the immersion that is offered by VR and AR.

Remote Recreation

Today, more and more companies are looking for the best way to take this gaming to another level. There are dedicated apps that connect users from all over the world by embedding some digital layers on canvases that cover real life scenarios. This allows people to engage in games using mobile gadgets and then share the kind of experiences they have had using the AR framework. The unparalleled interconnectivity that is being encouraged in different AR environments is what has paved way to deeply immerse games especially the multi-player ones in future.

Virtual physicality

Remote AR is a development that can revolutionize the landscape of gaming, virtual reality could have a lot to do with the kind of direction that gaming will take in the years to come. This technology is going to start a whole new era of games that offer some physical experiences. There has already been the introduction of VR headsets on the market and they have become household accessories that are widely used.

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