There are many ways advancements in technology have impacted the gambling industry. Some, such as the introduction of mobile devices and faster internet connections are obvious but there are others which may not be as clear.

Google voice search is a good example and many people are now choosing to use this feature as a way to search for the things they are looking for online. Long gone are the days of having to use the keyboard and one of the many benefits of using Google voice search is to avoid making spelling mistakes. However, the main advantage is convenience and it is much quicker to be able to ask what you are looking for than to type it using a keyboard or screen.

In terms of the gambling industry, it has made it possible to search for online casinos or sportsbooks while doing something else. For example, you could be doing some housework but would like to know the latest odds for an upcoming football match. By using Google voice search you can now find the odds without having to stop what you are doing.

Kindred Futures have developed a voice-powered betting experience to be used across several platforms including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. This allows users to place bets using their voice and is an exciting development. The Russian online gambling company Fonbet have a voice assistant called Alice and punters can ask for the odds before placing a bet.

If these features continue to work well, they are sure to extend to betting websites across the world, including those in the United States. If you are interested in finding out more and for general betting help there are several good websites available including US Leagues Betting.

In addition to voice search technology, both of the examples in the paragraph above use artificial intelligence. AI is powerful and its uses can be seen throughout the online gambling industry. Going back to 2019 and you only have to look at the result between an algorithm and the world’s best GO player to see just how incredible AI has become. A computer has also been able to defeat the world’s greatest poker players and that is both good and bad news for the online gambling sector.

If it is possible to apply artificial intelligence to betting, this has the potential to take the luck out of the game. Whether it be online poker or a bet on an upcoming football match, using a science based approach to betting could spell danger to online betting companies. However, AI cannot account for a below par performance by a football team or an unexpected card being dealt in a poker game. Nonetheless, online casinos are becoming especially wary of AI being used to win games of poker.

In terms of virtual reality, there are now many online casinos that offer the opportunity to play using VR. Some online casinos have a dedicated VR section where if you have the appropriate equipment available at home you can walk into your own casino and choose from a wide variety of games. Augmented reality, such as that seen on Snapchat lenses is also starting to have an impact on the gambling industry. AR will allow players to interact with objects in the virtual world, such as playing cards and that is extremely exciting.