The diversified range of investment options in the stock market attracts many individuals who aspire to become successful wealth gainers. From mid to long term value investment options, there is something in store for everyone. For one who has been observing the market for a long time and is willing to step into it, it is vital to know the right and secure way to start investing. Finding the right Depository Participant is also crucial as the Demat charges and trading account facilities vary from one another. Also, when it comes to Demat charges, an investor should look for minimizing his expenses.

As important as it is to get hands-on the best deals, picking up the right DP to help along the way should not be neglected. One cannot hope to enjoy smooth trading without availing the best online platforms to carry out the operations. Know the Demat charges, online facilities, customer support services of all the potential DPs to start the stock market investment venture. Start investing with the backup of an excellent trading partner to reap long term advantages. 

Online stock trading has become a host of benefits and investment plans. 

5 Steps Guide To Invest In The Stock Market 

During the offline trading period, the investors used to hunt down the best brokers in the business to help them in the process. Since individuals had no direct entry in the Exchanges and only registered brokers could crack the deals, the reliance on performing the necessary actions was solely upon them. After the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) restricted the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and the NSE (National Stock Exchange) from performing offline activities, the investors got the direct pass to the market. Now, one can directly purchase and sell shares and securities in the market through online portals. 

However, the question is, how to start and what are the necessary actions one needs to take to invest in the stock market? There are only a few simple steps that one should strictly follow to kick-start the process. 

#Step 1: Create The Investment Graph 

There are plenty of investment options in the stock market including share, bonds, securities, debentures, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), stocks, mutual funds, etc. All these options offer short, mid to long term value investment plans. As a wise investor, one must identify his needs, risk-appetite, and future prospects to make a profitable choice. And the last thing to complete the graph is deciding whether or not there is a need for hiring a trading consultation service for panning out the actions. 

#Step 2: Open The Required Accounts 

Ever since the stock market investment was introduced to the online platform, it has become mandatory for every investor to open a Demat Account and a trading account. The former serves electronic storage of shares certificates and the latter enables participation in the Stock Exchanges of the country. Get the list of all the potential DPs (Depository Participants) and pick the suitable one. Compare the Demat charges and facilities offered by each to be one the profitable side. 

#Step 3: Differentiate Between Stocks And Mutual Funds 

Mutual funds enable the investors to buy small pieces of shares or stocks of different companies as one fund includes the investments of various individuals. They are managed by potential managers who are liable to make choices and decisions. However, the liability of individual stocks depends completely on the investor himself. If an individual makes a wise choice of stocks, he can get paid handsomely for the same in the long run. It is the upside of stocks that although uncertain, the returns can be huge if the company is in profits. A profitable stock is worth paying off the Demat charges for holding it. 

#Step 4: Sketch Out The Budget Plan 

Just like it is important to make a household budget to stay on the safe side and not run out of money at the end of the month, a wise investor should make his investment budget beforehand. Make a budget plan and then find the suitable options that fit in it. The Demat charges and other trading account expenses must also be included in the budget. Any individual should not put a lot of money at risk during the initial period of his investment career until he is cent percent assured about a positive outcome. 

#Step 5: Analyse The Market And Then Invest 

After everything is set and done, the last step is to enter the market through online platforms, analyze the available options thoroughly, and pick the one that justifies all the above-mentioned parameters. Be cautious with the decisions and scrutinize the chosen investment plan very carefully so that nothing important slips off the radar. 

Investing in the stock market is very simple if one strictly follows the rules of investment and steps. One should lookout for new opportunities, be patient throughout the process. Most importantly, do not get disheartened or lose hope if anything goes south.