Email marketing benefits online retailers and e-commerce stores in a huge way! In 2017, email accounts globally increased from 3.9 to 4.9 billion which suggests that over half of the global population has an email account today. It also means, this same population is opening and reading emails daily. People are also arriving at purchasing decisions based on emails.

Research suggests that CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) of consumers attained via email is 12% more than average. Hence, it’s essential to get your customers to open the emails you send. For this, both business owners and email marketers need to come up with smart email subject lines. However, today entrepreneurs and marketers often struggle with this.

An email subject line is where the online reader’s experience of your email campaign starts. And with a flurry of emails that customers receive daily, it’s essential to make your subject line stand out. It should appeal to the readers and propel them to read the email content.  Are you having a tough time writing a catchy email subject line? Here are useful ideas that you can take inspiration from.

1.The popular “question” subject line

 Framing a short question is a smart idea for a subject line. It poses a question to the reader making him/her wonder about the subject matter. The great questions to use as a subject line are one that resonates with your reader’s experience which is where readers will feel engaged. For instance, if your company sells an anti-malware solution for mobiles and computers, your email subject lines could be:

  • Is your new Smartphone protected?
  • Are you letting in hackers into your PC unknowingly?

These questions will raise curiosity and caution simultaneously. It will generate a strong emotional urge that will make the reader curious about your email content. Based on the need for the product he/she might even browse through your company website which will eventually result in the increase in your website ranking as well.

2.Use the scarcity/limited offer subject line

 One of the potent human behavior drivers is scarcity! A product in less supply will amp up audience’s interest. It will even increase their desire to purchase the product.  When you make a product or an offer available for a limited time span, it attracts heightened curiosity. Some of the best examples are:

  • Hurry! Just three registration spots left
  • Five days left to get 70% off on bags
  • Order within the next 24 hours to get free shipping

The secret here is to emphasize on “importance” aspect! That means, if a reader has no interest in making a purchase, this won’t have any effect on him/her. So, it’s essential to know what you are offering for a limited span holds value for people. It is where you need to arrive at a targeted email list and then design your scarcity subject line.

3.Use an announcement in your email subject

 Announcements invoke inquisitiveness. Hence, it’s a great place to get potential customers interested in your deal and thereby your brand. For this, you can use words such as “Introducing” and “New” in the subject line which translates to the readers that something vital and revolutionary is on offer.

Studies have highlighted that email subject lines with these two words recorded an increased open rate of 9:45%. Given below are few examples:

  • Check out our brand-new image gallery
  • Update to the new iPhone App

Emails with the words “New” and “Introducing” lets people know that you have fresh material to provide. It motivates readers and your potential customers to click open the email.

4.You can still count on “How to” as your subject line

 It is one of the conventional approaches to an email subject line! But it works to date.  In the copywriting world, there’s a popular belief. It is that no one can have a bad subject line with “How to.” These two words go a long way in invoking interest in the readers. It shows the email recipients and readers that your email has vital, in-depth information to offer. Some of the examples include:

Notice that every “How to” subject line is backed with promise of offering detailed information. The trick to getting better at writing “How to” email subject lines, is to concentrate on the benefit.  Readers and end users are less interested in toiling through a new process. Rather they are keen on what they can benefit from your email. So back up the benefits with the “How to” subject line and your readers will click open your email.

5.Opt-in for the curiosity gap email subject line

 Today, several viral websites have gained success by using the curiosity gap subject line. They have successfully used this psychological aspect.  The term “curiosity gap” has been coined by Professor George Loewenstein. It defines the gap between what the people know and what they want to know. When an individual senses that there’s a gap in their know-how, that’s where curiosity and interest tweaks in. Until they close this gap, there’s a feeling of lack of knowledge.

Searching for a missing information piece can act in your favor to get readers interested in your emails. But to be curious about something, it is essential to know about the subject first. Hence, your first job would be to introduce your product or service through an email. For this, you can use the “How to” or the “New” email subject line. Using the “curiosity gap” subject line for your follow up emails would be a smart idea to stir up reader’s interest.  For instance, you could use a subject line like:

  • Can Elvis Presley teach you anything about email marketing? Read more here

The trick here is to surprise your customers and readers with something they can ponder on.

Your subject line decides the fate of your email marketing campaign! You could have rich email content. But when that is not backed by a smart, catchy and appealing subject line, the campaign performs inadequately or fails. Are you stuck in your subject line? Keep these easy and smart ideas handy and come up with the best email subject line.