There are many people who tend to buy an antivirus and VPN solution separately for their personal computer and other mobile devices. However, they don’t know that there is a certain antivirus solution that comes with added VPN services.

In this article, we are going to list some of the best antivirus solutions that come with a VPN for your personal computer. The list includes of reviews includes Norton Secure VPN and Avast VPN service review along with another antivirus that offers excellent VPN services.

  1. Norton Antivirus

The Norton Secure VPN offers VPN as well as antivirus solution, all bundled in one excellent package. Being one of the best brands in the antivirus protection market, Norton offers excellent speed and high-performance server connection with its VPN service.

They have quality customer support team that is ready to provide assistance every time you need help. Apart from this, Norton provides bank-grade data encryption, meaning that all of your information is safely transmitted over the network.

It is a good choice for any beginner, as it is easy to install and setup, with a simple and sleek user interface.

2.Avast Antivirus

The Avast SecureLine VPN offers both antivirus and VPN service together. Once you have the SecureLine VPN package, you can browse the internet without any fear of losing data on your mobile as well as desktop devices.

It provides DNS leak protection and bank-grade data encryption to the information that is being transmitted over the network. Using the VPN service, you also download torrent files. Even the speed of VPN servers is good, meaning that you can download and stream the content at a faster speed. Overall, it is a good choice for your VPN and antivirus needs.

3.AVG Secure VPN

AVG provides excellent antivirus protection and VPN services at affordable prices. It is supported by a number of different platforms and can be used on up to 5 devices at a time. The VPN service offered by AVG has a no-logging policy, meaning all of your activities are kept anonymous on the servers.

Apart from this, you get military-grade encryption for your information and data that is being transmitted on the network. It has a great user interface, with simple to download and install procedure.

Why You Should Use Antivirus and VPN in a single package?

When you bundle the antivirus with VPN services, you can make use of both the services at affordable and less pricing, as compared to when they are used separately. In addition to this, you can an added layer of security while browsing the internet through VPN tunneling.

All of your activities on the internet can be masked and no one can keep a track of what you are doing online. Moreover, you can even get access to geo-restricted content by using a VPN, while the antivirus makes sure that none of your data on the system is at risk.