It has been reported that Google will be using its popular Text-to-speech technology for emergency calls. However, this feature will only be available on Pixels only in the meantime. What this great feature will do is that it will describe what emergency it is, as well as the exact address of the call. All this will be done automatically.

This automated Text-to-speech feature, as mentioned above, will be made available on Pixels devices only. It will come with a one-tap system that will relay the location to fire, medical and police responders. The amazing thing about this app is that there will be no need for speech at all, the app will do all the work.

This new, great feature, was designed by Google for situations where the caller is in a dangerous situation, can’t communicate verbally due to injuries, or has a speech disability.

The app will come with three buttons labelled “Fire”, “Medical” and “Police.” All that a person will have to do is go on the app and choose any three of those options in order to activate the feature then it reads out a message, informing the operator or respondent that this is an automated service. Also, the labelled will go ahead and describe what the caller needs help with as well as their current location. Apart from allowing users to play their top online casino games using their phones, this is another great feature coming from Google.

Back in 2017, Google added an app to pixel devices which would display a location card on the screen whenever calling 911 automatically. This was done favourite to make it easy to relay information to responders. Now, with the upgrade of this feature, it makes it much easier as it cuts out the need for a person to read out all of that information. Just like in some best betting odds fixtures, you can use text-to-speech to place bets.

Google has announced that this new feature will be out on Pixel phones in the coming months and that it will also be available on a few selected Android devices.