SEO these days remains on top of a marketer’s mind. An effective SEO strategy ensures that your website results are getting the first place in Google searches. However, Google algorithm is updated every few months which means that more often than not marketers are at loggerheads trying to identify how to understand the basics behind it.  In June 2019 Google announced another update and it was named “June 2019 core update” and as of know its data centres are busy implementing it. Read on to know more about this latest algorithm update from Google.

Multiple results no more

As per this latest update Google has stopped multiple results from the same website from appearing on the first page of the search.  This site diversity imposed means that not more than two links from one website can feature on the first page. However, after this update marketers need to ensure that their link building activities are top-notch. This would ensure you being present on multiple websites and trustworthy link building services help in achieving that. SEOOutreachers experiments with only high authority websites and your content feature as per the keywords thus improving its SEO quality.


Second major feature change that Google has worked upon is related to subdomains. In continuation Google has implemented that any subdomain would be treated as part of the main domain. This would again take care that not more than one result of a website is featured. However, when it is relevant the subdomain may be considered separate from the root domain.

Reviews to be monitored

The latest updates to the reviews have been after Google received a lot of complaints regarding the way in which they were being published. Google had not made any major changes in this category till now but seeing the problems arise the steps were considered important.

Reviews of businesses are also being scrutinized to avoid anyone from self -promoting their business. This was a major problem that Google was facing as people were using third party widgets to create new reviews however the same were not genuine at all. Now after the update Google is not supporting businesses having Google search reviews which are schema types and resort to such methods.

Name property

Apart from that businesses would now need to clearly mention the name of the item that is being reviewed. The name property is part of the schema updates and Google hopes that using this update the users search experience is going to become meaningful and enriched.

Earlier webmasters could add Google search reviews to any web page. However, Google has found out that not all such webpages provide value to the user. To combat the same Google has limited review schema types to just 17 niches. Now Google reviews would be provided only for websites which fall under these 17 niches or their sub-niches. This would help in removing any unnecessary content that is being displayed around.


The Google algorithm changes have been implemented and most users are finding them pretty useful. However, now marketers need to be more focussed over what kind of content they are linking up with. SEOOutreachers is a link building service that knows which links and websites are going to be reputable. They place your link only at domains which are relevant and are going to add value to your reputation. Even if the new algorithm changes take place you can hope to be safe as the links are in multiple websites and are used in context. While others are figuring out how to handle these changes you can rest as the content is in different domains and providing valuable information to the users.