Playing online casino games on your iOS can be a lot fun until you run out of money in your bankroll. Therefore, you will need to have backup games you can play to while up time. Lucky for you, there are a lot of gaming options that you can try out.  And, this article is going to be giving you a brief rundown of some of the games that you can get to play. If you want real money games, visit online casino New Zealand on your web browser.


This is a game that is meant for all the puzzle game lovers. Threes is an indie puzzle game that was created by a gaming company named Servo. Initially the game was made for the iOS System, but you can now get to play it on your Xbox One and your Windows phone.  The game is also a fun way that you can get to learn more about numbers.

Clash Royale

The game was published by Supercell back in 2016 and is also featured on There are a lot of fun gaming options that you can get to pick from this game. Clash Royale will give you card games, tower defence games and a fun online battle arena. Therefore, you will get to mix and mingle with people and this makes the whole gaming experience even more fun and exciting.

Ridiculous Fishing

This game is exclusively meant for iOS users but can also be found on Amazon. Ridiculous Fishing is a game where players have to go fishing. After, you will have to sell your fish in exchange for cash by shooting them out to the sky. The gaming concept was so good that the developers had to sue another company for plagiarism.

Monument Valley

This is another indie puzzle game that was developed and published by Ustwo Games. All you have to do is help Princess Ida get to different levels of the game through a maze that comes with different obstacles. The game has won a lot of gaming awards since being published back in 2014.