If you are into the vice of gaming, you are not going to be unfamiliar with what Game Guardian is. This application has prevailed along for quite some time now and has been helping gamers get over the tough and impossible hurdles along the way.

The compilation of cheat codes and the aids definitely come a lot in handy for the gamers who have been stuck on the same level for quite some time now. All that being said, this specific tool has been very prevalent in the niche of gaming but if you wish to know about some alternatives to this, we have got you covered.

What is Game Guardian?

Before proceeding along with the alternatives, it is important to discuss what this specific tool entails. The Game Guardian is an online free cheating tool meant for Android devices. It has been developed by gameguardian.net to help the gamers with the cheat codes for several of the Android games.

What this helps it is that it hacks into the game data in the system folders in your mobile phone and then modifies the game in the memory. This is what helps in unlocking some of the cheats like more lives, weapons and even other survival needs and strategies.

Alternatives to Game Guardian

Apart from Game Guardian is one of the best tools for cheat codes for games, there are some amazing alternatives to this is you want to try out.

In here, we are going to be sharing some of the best alternatives that you can get your hands on.


The very first on the list is androidhackers. It is one of the best websites to download mods and hacks for your favorite Android games. You don’t need to root your device in order for the mods apps to work on your Android device.

It has a very easy to use design. You will find all the top Android games mods and hacks, all free to download.


Xmodgames lets you modify your games in the rooted Android smartphone. If you are worried that the same won’t necessarily support some of the popular games, you are sorely mistaken.

It supports some of the most popular Android games include Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Minecraft and a lot more. The best factor of this is that it has a very interactive user interface which has an overlay option as well.

Cheat Engine

Cheat engine is often considered as one of the best hacking apps when it comes to the Android games. It was previously launched as cheat software for the PC which was then later developed for the Android smartphones.

It lets you easily customize and change the features of the games within a few seconds which is pretty impressive. Some of the noticeable changes that one can make definitely include the ones in weapons, invisible walls and so much more. The Android version of this game isn’t technically that comprehensive like the PC but it is good nevertheless.


Nox is an emulator which has gained quite a lot of popularity for easing up the discourse of the gameplay. It helps you remap some of the most important controls in the game, thus making the gameplay faster and a lot simpler as well.

Additionally, it also has the macro functionality to easily mock GPS locations which is amazing for games like Pokemon Go because you won’t have to risk your life standing on the middle of the road trying to catch a Pikachu.

Lucky Patcher

Yet another one of the effective and useful game mods include lucky patcher. It has a number of in-built tools which open up a whole array of possibilities that one possibly didn’t even think of. It has the capability to remove unwanted ads and even license verification.

It is also effective for the non-root users which are pretty dope as well. Having root permissions although allow you to get the extra advantage of having access to some of the best as well as versatile mods along with faster operation.


Creehack is yet another one of the effective Android cheat code providers for the games and an amazing alternative to Game Guardian. It does allow the majority of the Android users to have direct access to hack the majority of the online games as well as offline games.

It provides with easy upgrades in points, scores, and golds to help you go to the next levels armored. Additionally, this application also has open source software which makes it easier for you to download this application on your phone for free.

All in all, finding an alternative to the Game Guardian tool isn’t technically rocket science. There are a number of options available online, some of which we have mentioned here. Just ensure that you are downloading them from reliable sources to avoid corrupting your phone’s software.