Online games train the gamer’s minds in so many dimensions. Aside from improving logical thinking, you also get to do something fun and relaxing simultaneously. It gets better when you get a chance to do it with close friends or even colleagues. 

This way, you get to bond with them for a healthier relationship. Block gaming is just a suitable adventure for you and your friends. Once you start participating in this game, you will find it hard to separate. But what is a block game?

Definition of a Block Game 

A block game is a Tetris hybrid platform where you can control a character enclosed in an arena full of free-roaming blocks.

What to Expect in a Block Game

A block game is similar to Tetris, but instead of block structures, every block is color-coded. Some of the blocks, though, have an essential effect. Gamers use the character to pick up the falling blocks and throw them to match them. A match in the blocks will clear space, and you will gain points in return and guarantee a more extended stay in the game. There are three different play modes available in a block game.

  1. A single-player mode- You will be competing against no one in this mode. You will have a single character on a full screen. Focus on surviving for a longer time in the game by accumulating as many points as possible.
  2. The competitive mode- In this mode, you will be competing against a friend upon a split-screen to determine which one amongst the two acquired the most points in the game.
  3. The cooperative mode- In this mode, you will need to work in the same arena with a friend. Watch out for each other to avoid accidentally squishing each other.

Features of Block Game

There are a few features in a block game app that you need to familiarize yourself with for a more exciting game.

A lot of free-roaming coded blocks

The blocks are vital to you as a player because you need them to earn points. Pick and throw the blocks to match them clear a space, and this will earn points for you which will extend your stay in the game.

Unlockable characters 

The most critical element in a block game is the character(s). The character is responsible for picking and throwing the blocks to match them, which is the game’s primary goal.


Under the costume button, you get to decide your character’s outfit in the game by picking one of those displayed.

A blocked

 Using a blockpedia in a block game, you will learn more about the objects you are to encounter and the different characters. 


Block game is spicing up the online block puzzle gaming experience. A block game is similar to a block puzzle game with just a few changes to add more fun to the game. Instead of just blocks, there is an addition of character(s) present. This game gets more interesting because you can have a friend join you in the same arena on a split screen and compete for the highest points. You can also work as a team. A block game is a new way to test your teamwork skills.