Technology has enhanced many sectors, education being one of them. There are many tools that can help you manage, implement, and organize your digital classroom.  Tech can help you to write the content in case you need it. Students require diversified strategies to understand different concepts and ideas during learning sessions. 

Below are some of the tools you can use to enhance your digital classroom.

  • Quizlet / Quizlet Live

Both teachers and students benefit from Quizlet tools because they can create and share learning materials such as diagrams and flashcards. On the other hand, Quizlet live program that offers a free-in class quiz game. While the game is on, the students can contribute to the game until they win. The game helps students to think critically while staying focused throughout. 

  • Scratch

When teaching an introduction to programming, Scratch can be of great help. The app is meant for students from eight to sixteen years. You combine photos, music, interactive games, graphics, slideshows, and animations when teaching a concept to make it easier to understand. The ideas created can be shared with other students on online platforms. The disadvantage of Scratch is that it is specifically meant to teach concepts and ideas related to programming. 

  • Socrative

Socrative is an engaging app for both teachers and students. It is used to test how students understand a concept. The teacher creates questions then give to the students via tablets or laptops. The teacher decides how the answers would be; for instance, it can be in the form of multiple choices, short open-ended response, true or false system, or graded short answer. The benefit of the application is that it gives the teacher timely feedback. In the end, the teacher can know how the students understand different ideas. It is the best app for a modern classroom. 

  • Khan Academy

Nothing makes learning more fun than including videos. Well, Khan Academy allows the presentation of lessons through challenges, interactive activities, and videos. Students The efforts of the students are appreciated through a badge. What is impressive about Khan Academy is that students can save their progress. Use Khan Academy to help all the students improve their learning experience. 

  • Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an app that helps teachers monitor the behavior of students so that they can stay focused throughout. Apart from helping teachers, the app also gives assignments to the students so that they can stay engaged in productive activities throughout. In the end, the app enhances good communication, provides a better learning environment, and maintaining good behavior among the students, thus, improving their focus. 

  • Seesaw

Parents can see the progress of their students, thanks to Seesaw. Seesaw is an app that enables students to share all that they have been learning in school. Teachers, parents, and students all benefit from using the app. As for students, they can know where they have improved and where they need to put more effort. On the other hand, teachers can identify the weakness of the students through their progress. In the end, they understand how they can guide a student to attain better grades. Parents can offer advice and motivate the students in the areas they should improve. 

  • Google Classroom

An interactive class is the best class. Google Classroom is an app that benefits both teachers and students. For instance, students can post questions on the platforms and get instant answers from the teachers. To add on that, other students can discuss particular questions and come up with a constructive answer, which makes the students understand a concept better. 


Teachers, students, and parents have all it takes to improve the education of the students. Technology has made it possible to make learning a fun and interactive activity. There are many applications through which learning can take place. The apps provide a room for remote learning as well. After all, the process of learning has one main goal, to make students succeed. Use the above apps, and the learning experience will never be the same again.