With an increasingly computer literate end user, the face of IT support has undergone some key changes that have resulted in a new prevalence of self-service IT solutions. These solutions allow an end user to quickly garner a quick solution to their IT woes without the need to have a dedicated IT professional executing direct support on their system.

As a result of these changes, there has been a bevy of self-service software solutions appearing on the market, and in my opinion, the SysAid self-service portal is one of the few solutions that really gets it right.

This software package comes from the producers of SysAid – a company that really understands the realm of help desk solutions and IT in general. This is an agile and responsive solution for any company that’s looking to streamline their IT processes. Let’s take a look at what their IT self-service portal does right.

It Reduces Calls to the Help Desk

If you run a large business, your help desk staff is probably busy assisting various end users that run into problems on a day-to-day basis. Mondays, tends to be the day that there seems to be a constantly flashing support screen. It’s also on these days that there seem to be a million tickets being opened that have various levels of urgency. As a result, service level agreements (SLAs) may not be met.

This is where a robust self-service IT solution like the one offered by SysAid really shines. This program will directly reduce the number of calls to your help desk by providing a fully automated process for end users to create tickets or find solutions for their IT troubles. This independence not only reduces the workload of your help desk staff, but it provides a process of quicker resolution for the end user as well, which is pretty rewarding.

Makes the End User Experience More Streamlined

When an end user can effectively find a solution by themselves, you cut down on much of the glut that can happen on the help desk level. One of the better features of SysAid, in my opinion, is the ability for the end user to quickly find a solution via a user-created knowledge base. This can be in the form of a FAQ that covers frequently encountered issues, which can be very effective for those looking for a quick and easy resolution.

This is also more convenient because a self-service portal isn’t hampered by time zones, IT employee hours, or call waiting times, so your end users can get the support that they need when they need it. This means that when an issue occurs outside of traditional business hours, resolution can be found without the need to wait until the next day.

It Has a Rich Set of Service Options

The self-service portal for SysAid provides a few services that can help the end user resolve their issues. These include:

  • A way to log incidents as they occur
  • Access to a knowledge base that can provide resolution to common problems
  • Password reset for user accounts
  • A way to view any IT announcements that may be relevant
  • A means to open a ticket without needing to speak to an IT professional
  • Self-logging service requests
  • A means to quickly confer with an IT specialist via a chat window
  • The ability to check on the status of an open ticket

SysAid’s Self-Service Portal Can Be Used Anywhere

End users tend to always be busy, and as a result, they can often encounter issues while in transit. Fortunately, with the SysAid self-service solution, busier users can find a resolution to their IT issues on just about any device – not just their computer. SysAid uses an HTML5 system that is accessible from a mobile browser to give your end users access to the full features of the self-service portal. This is useful when end users encounter problems when away from the office or in meetings.

It’s Very Customizable to Your Organization’s Needs

SysAid lets you customize your banner to fit the needs of your organization. It’s available in the manage banner setting and this feature allows you to select from a few default banners that SysAid provides or to create your own. All users will be able to see this banner that log into the portal, which is helpful for guiding your end users through the self-service process.

Customizable Functionality

How your users interact with the self-service portal is completely customizable to your organization’s needs. You can toggle on and off the feature that enables incident submission by end users, you can enable a FAQ function that’ll provide a knowledge base for end users to access, or you can even add and remove fields from the SR screen when you need to.

In my opinion, the SysAid self-service solution provides more than enough advantages to be well worth trying it out in your IT infrastructure. It’s easy to navigate by your employees, it has a customizable user experience and it really streamlines the process so that the efficiency of your IT process is bolstered significantly.