One of a successful company’s most valuable assets is its brand name and reputation. It’s a combination of these two assets that keeps loyal customers returning and invites new customers to try your products and services. But guarding your brand name and reputation by effective reputation management has, sadly, become a necessary part of digital marketing. In these days of anonymous user reviews, website like Tripadvisor and Yelp, and influencers holding sway on social media and the internet can destroy a brand’s valuable image and name through posting uninformed and incorrect views. 

You need to retain control of the brand’s image in the marketplace, and a programme of reputation management is the most effective way of directing the public’s ongoing perspective of a brand’s image and reputation. 

Proactive and Reactive Marketing

Most marketers are taught the best way to be is proactive in their marketing strategy and campaigns. Unfortunately, the transformation to a digital economy has necessitated the inclusion of being reactive as well. 

A complete marketing strategy in the digital age includes public relations as an essential facet of an effective marketing strategy. And public relations also include effective reputation management.

Finding the Root of the Problem

A digital marketing agency is the best partner to have in conducting a reputation management programme. They have the ability to use a vast trove of data in tracking the negative reviews back to the source. Once they’ve discovered the source and the reason for the negativity, they can implement a strategy to respond. 

Allowing the negative review to stand uncontested in the hopes that it will simply ‘go away’, is one of the worst things a brand manager can do. Once a negative review is posted, it’s in the public’s consciousness for a long time. 

Addressing the Problem

This is where a proactive attitude once again becomes crucial. Effective and cleverly-worded owner responses to unfair and incorrect reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor have become the gems of the internet. Everyone responds to a brand that has been treated unfairly. The popularity of these responses underlines the value of effective reputation management.  

Rather than let the review stand uncontested, they also show the power that confronting negative reviews holds in the public eye. An effective response can more than invalidate a lousy review. It can serve to lessen the reputation of the reviewer and the validity of their reviews. It can increase the visibility of a brand’s name and image as well.

Having the ability to track down the source of negative views of your brand and respond in an effective and timely manner is the hallmark of effective reputation management. It not only shows that your brand cares about its reputation and public image, but it demonstrates to the public that the people behind the brand are willing to fight for its integrity as well. And this demonstration can add an extra level of cachet and value to your marketing activities.