There are lots of users on Instagram and they all post Instagram stories from time to time, but, how can you save those stories on your device? Well, since Instagram is not allowing such thing, it simply doesn’t have that option, saving Instagram stories can be a little bit troublesome. Also, the last update on Instagram made it impossible to take screenshots of the stories as well.

Anyhow, if you want to download Instagram stories on your device you are on the right page. Namely, we will explain how you can save Instagram stories in just five easy steps. Let’s see.

1) Find the correct Username and copy it

The first thing you need to do is to find a person’s username that posted Instagram story that you want to download. The username is actually easy to find since it appears in the middle of the screen when you visit the person’s profile. However, this will only work if the profile is public. In other words, you can’t download Instagram stories from private profiles.

2) Go to the website

Next thing you should do is to go on the website. Basically, all you need to do is to type in the name of the website ‘’’’ in the address bar on your browser. Also, you can search for this website via search engines like Google and others. Simply, the results will be the same.

3) Locate the place to paste the Username

The third step is to find a correct place to paste the previously copied Username. Now, you need to copy the username in the bar that looks familiar to a search box. When you visit the website, this ‘’search box’’ will appear in the middle of the screen and that’s the place you need to copy the username.

4) Click on the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button

After you successfully did everything so far, it is time now to start interacting with the website. Namely, you will find a ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button underneath the bar where you pasted the username.

By clicking on the button, website will start sharing content of the Instagram story on the page for you to see. If the story had images, images will appear on the screen. Same goes for videos.

5) Locate and click on the ‘’Download’’ button for images or videos

Now, the last step is to download content from Instagram story. If you want to download images, then just click on the ‘’Download’’ button underneath each image. On the other hand, if you want to download videos. Then click on the ‘’Download’’ button that is located in the bottom right of each video.

With everything being said about downloading Instagram stories to your device, we can only add that this process isn’t that hard and anyone can do it if they follow these five steps. Anyhow, the website is giving us this opportunity to save Instagram stories on our devices which is actually pretty cool.