If you visit a website, what do you look at first- the content or the design? Visuals are the first thing that people take notice of. The first impressions are generally the last ones. The same holds true for your business website. If you are using WordPress for your business website, simply having an SEO friendly platform is not enough. You need to make your site visually appealing to make the online visitor stay on it to take the preferred call-to-action you want.

Instagram- a powerful photo-sharing platform

Instagram is a powerful photo-sharing mobile application for your business that can be conveniently downloaded on your smartphone. With this application, you can share photos of your business with your followers online.

The need for an Instagram marketing strategy

Every social media platform is not the same. This is why you should create an innovative marketing strategy for different social media platforms all the same. Do not post the same content on all the platforms. Make a strategy and ensure that you consider what your long term and short -term goals are when it comes to posting online.

The importance of graphic design

Graphic design should be a part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Good graphic design will speak volumes about your product. It increases the views, followers, and shares. If you are a new business in the market and are on Instagram, use Gramblast to buy views, likes, and followers. This increases your credibility in the market, and people start to notice you. When it comes to graphic design, the use of white space and color is essential. The layout should be professional to invoke the desired response.

Increase Instagram followers and likes with graphic design

Call in expert graphic designers to evaluate your business profiles. They will evaluate your website as well as social media pages that deal with visual content like Instagram. Check their reports and get down to work when it comes to revamping your website and social media profiles. As mentioned above, there are WordPress Instagram themes and plugins that play a vital role in promoting your website online and changing its appearance to promote improved functionality and followers.

Tips to improve graphic design for Instagram

When it comes to enhancing your Instagram page, call in graphic designers and ask them to submit a report when it comes to professionalism, appeal and unique blend of content and visuals. They ensure that you get a page that is relevant to your business niche. They will check the colors of your brand and work on areas that need improvement. In graphic design, a logo is the visual representation of your business message. This is why you should ensure that you have a professional looking logo that invokes a positive response. Use not more than three colors for your logo. It should resonate well with the audience of your industry niche. Find out what works in your industry and ask these graphic designers to make creative designs that go a long way when it comes to attracting views, likes, and followers to your brand.

The importance of choosing professional graphic design companies for Instagram

Only professionals experienced in Instagram and graphic design can give you success in the market. So, when you are looking for professional graphic designers ensure that you check their track records and credentials. In this way, you can hire the correct professionals that understand your brand well and give you the graphic designs you are looking for.

Use your logo in your profile picture

You should use the corporate logo in your profile picture so that the targeted audience can find you faster. In fact, in all your business pages you should use the logo of your business so that your customers identify you when they are online. Your logo should invoke trust so take time to decide on it before it goes online.

Layouts and fonts

Do you know that layouts and fonts play a crucial role in graphic design for every business? Do not ignore their importance when promoting your business. The fonts should be legible. Ensure that you use professional fonts that are highly popular today for business promotion and marketing. In case you are not sure of the right layout or font, ask a professional to help you.

Tracking audience response and likes

How are your posts on Instagram performing? Have you ever checked on what works and what does not? Instagram is considered to be one of the best platforms for reaching out to a targeted audience of 18-30 years. This is the age when a person wishes to buy products and services from news brands. Customers in the older age bracket generally do not like to make changes. For example, if a person has been using a particular brand of toothpaste for a very long time, making him or her change to a new brand is a mammoth task. However, in the case of younger customers they are ready and willing to experiment, this is why reaching out to them with a new service or product is easier. Instagram allows you to do just that!

Colors and photo filters – maintain consistency in your posts

When you are posting on Instagram, maintain consistency with colors and photo filters. This creates a unique signature for your brand. Instagram has many photo filters you can use for enhancing the pictures you share. When you use a WordPress Instagram theme or plugin, you can create a professional layout of these photos to present to the targeted audience. This invokes more likes and shares. Remember to post regularly.

Last and not the least, track comments and likes. See what your customer says. Doe he or she leave you any suggestions? Take them carefully and implement the changes as and when required. Ask experts in the field to help and guide you.

Instagram is a social media platform that you should never ignore when you are looking for a better presence in the online market. Focus on graphic design and always ensure it looks stunning!