Each year, some of the world’s biggest CPG companies pour millions of dollars into digital marketing campaigns. Why? Because it works. Investing in digital advertising delivers a myriad of positive results including vastly improved sales numbers and increased brand visibility.

With that said, there are a lot of companies that are still on the fence about digital because they don’t understand how it works. If that sounds like you then you’re in for a treat. In today’s article, we’re going to look at how digital advertising can improve your business’ sales better than any other marketing tactic out there.

1.Digital Advertising Improves the Effectiveness of Other Marketing Channels:

When you add digital to your marketing mix, you stand to considerably increase the effectiveness of all your other campaigns, whether they’re on radio, television or print or an alternative business signage. There is just something about the way in which digital advertising increases awareness that boosts the ROI of other, non-digital marketing efforts.

 2.Helps to Scale Word-of-Mouth:

Word-of-mouth advertising will never go out of style and it’s an effective marketing tactic that any entrepreneur with a solid product and service can utilize time and time again.

By leveraging the power of social media, digital advertising can help you to scale word-of-mouth in order to reach way more ears and eyes than you could with traditional means of advertising.

This is very important considering the fact that a customer’s purchasing decision is largely influenced by online shares and recommendations from trusted influencers, for example.

3.Creative Digital Improves Brand Awareness and Interaction with Customers:


The creative aspect of digital marketing campaigns adds a more immersive dimension to the customer experience that is not possible with other media channels. Good quality digital creative has been shown to radically improve sales when compared to sticking with a generic social media plan.

Since consumers mostly look for and interact with brands online and on mobile, it only makes sense for companies to make themselves visible on these platforms by doubling down on creative digital through the use of audio, visual and graphics.

 4.Better efficiency:

According to research done by the IAB, digital advertising offers more efficiency than direct mail when it comes to cost-per-conversion rate. That means you’re most likely to spend less on digital in order to make a sale than you would with traditional forms of marketing.

5.It Will Help You To Build an Audience:

Social media is where you should be if you want to build an audience and a community around your brand. Research shows that the modern day adult spends more time exploring digital media than they do watching television. As a smart company your advertising dollars should go towards where the customers are.

6.Digital Advertising Drives More Ads than Initially Predicted:

Some of the world’s major CPG’s recently got together with Nielsen to conduct a study that would determine the ROI of digital advertising. The results of this study showed that digital advertising actually yields more sales and growth than initially expected. For instance, it was reported that Google search ads had an additional 39% ROI than expected, while Facebook ROI was 48% more than expected.

7.Increases Revenue:

Certain aspects of digital advertising such as Search Engine Marketing can play a huge role in boosting a company’s relevance and visibility. That’s because SEM will get your company in front of a massive number of customers by leveraging simple tools such as using the right keywords in your content and putting out online ads.

8.There are a lot of Options to Choose From:

Digital advertising has evolved a lot since it first came onto the scene. As a result, you now have a lot of different avenues to choose from when it comes to online advertising options, such as:

Each has its own pros and cons, and we suggest you look into each method and find the ones that work for your business.


Although there are still a few skeptics that would argue against the effectiveness of digital advertising, it’s clear from recent research that it actually does drive more sales and conversions than all other traditional types of traditional media combined. So if you want to scale your business or increase sales then you should definitely look into improving your online presence and utilizing digital advertising more.