Gone are those days when you either need to go to the gaming shop to play your game or stay glued to the newspaper figuring out the answers to puzzles provided by the papers. Over time, as technology advancement begins to take over the gaming world starting from 1958, this unsatisfactory state of mind changed significantly. However, if you are to compare the gaming world of today with the time of computer technological way of playing games started, it would look like you are watching the white and black picture of ancient people and trying to find a resemblance.

In every turn of a decade, technology always made a positive impact in the gaming industry. This Advancement in technology has changed the gaming industry drastically. Here are different ways technology has altered gaming, mainly you will be surprised how it has impacted positively in the online casino games.

3D design software

Initially, when technology started making its way into the gaming industry, you will only be able to move your characters in four different ways which are up, down, right and left. However, by 1990 things changed as the graphics software made things change drastically. It came with improved 3D design capabilities such that up till today programmers that are looking to come up with any game at all thinks of nothing less than the 3D design. The said 3D designs have given way to realistic animations that make gaming fun.

Mobile technology gaming

Since games can now be played even on your mobile devices, you don’t have to always sit by your xbox before you can enjoy your games. Now you can choose to download lots of games online directly to your mobile device via mobile apps and tie-ins or use cloud-based technology to connect your sets online. As the mobile device comes to the rescue in a more better way, players don’t need nor have to worry themselves getting expensive consoles or pay on a home PC. Instead, they download games online and share with friends even during a commute. The new touch on screen mobile devices has also allowed game developers to get more creative with a smaller format and ubiquitous online connection.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is predicted to be the next style to take over the gaming industry, as it brings in a new golden age of gaming. Experts explain that its system of gaming will allow gamers to interact with characters and by directly mapping a player’s body into the game without any need to hold any other device. As you play the game, you will hold out your hands, and you will stay the game for a fully immersive and incredible gaming experience.

Fast internet

Nowadays people now have access to play games online which was a system that was not available to them in the 1980s. Online gaming allows multiple players to engage each other with the same gaming experience, transforming gaming into a social outlet. A better example of various player experience is when you play games with millions of online subscribers playing games with one another from different locations.

Incredible graphics with high definition displays

Technology has allowed game developers to create a pleasant and attractive graphical interface for players to enjoy their time while playing their games. This texture looks so realistic that it makes gamers have a sense of real-life gaming experience. In this way, becoming a professional gamer becomes easily facilitated. With excellent graphics at your disposal, the next thing that will be your priority is a good display. Generally, the gaming market is riddled with desktops and laptops that support at least 4,000 pixels. The reason why high graphics is available to help your gaming pleasure on desktops and laptops is that they are powerful enough to support the intense activities; they are also fast to make gaming easy.

Artificial intelligence

In situations when you are not able to get someone that will join you to play a particular game, you don’t have any other option aside artificial intelligence. These gaming technologies have grown over the years thereby allowing gamers to come up with computer controlled games which act like a human being. You will have an opponent that looks so real to keep you fully engaged.


As the world makes things, so portable for better convenience gaming is not left out. Gaming consoles can now be transported easily allowing people to now have access to playing their games anytime anywhere. With less stress, they only need to switch in the game and enable entertainment to take care of the remaining atmosphere. Portability has helped improve the world of gaming as its uniqueness about being able to game anywhere is undeniable. It was this innovation that led most game developers to allow their games played on mobile phones.


As technology continues to improve the gaming world, we still need to ask ourselves what the gaming future has to offer. As we can see and if we compare 20 years back to now we shall realize the kind of gaming system of then seem like there is nothing more to expect than what was available to us then unlike now that things have gone wilder. We should expect that things will continue to change for good than what we have now in years to come. The area that seems to embrace with advancement in the gaming industry is the casino gaming world. For now, there are lots of online casino site, where you will be able to enjoy your time to playing and winning games.