There were times when the old-fashioned mechanical machines were the only option to play slots. Back in 1970s famous Tommy Glen Carmichael was the first to apply a so called ‘monkey’s paw’. That simple device allowed him to significantly increase the amount of cash received from a single machine. He used a hook-like tool made of a thin wire to hold the coin release door open. The extra space made more coins to come through. As a result, his winnings were higher than any usual payout. Those were wonderful times… But one can hardly refer to that method in the age of electronics. And so the question arises: is there currently a way to cheat in online casinos? Surely, there is.

System study leads to winning

The best way to cheat in online slots is to realize that there is no any ‘outer’ cheat tool that can assist you. You should focus on formulating an individualized approach to each particular game. Generally speaking, practice is the most efficient way to get used to a gameplay system. As stated in the article, there is circularity in every program, generating randomness. When you learn that, you’ll be able to predict the results. So playing slots for free will provide you with all necessary skills to outsmart the program code. After that you can play Slotocash Casino which is one of the best in the market.

Use free spin offers to beat the online casino

Here is the tip: casinos like, Mr. Green and couple of others offer 10 free spins as a bonus round. Some of them give you a set amount of credits regardless of a slot you choose. Practically, you may switch from a game with a lower coin value to another one with a higher value and enlarge the winning. And this is how you can get maximum benefit out of a small number of spins.

On there is a slot named Book of Ra, which offers 10 free spins for gathering the three golden characters of the book on the same screen. During these spins the payout is being multiplied and the winning rates are being increased. Basically, you get into a win-win situation, which is a pure cheat in itself. Considering this, one can understand why the game’s got such a wide popularity in masses. So when you get a chance to try Book of Ra free and win some real money – don’t miss it.

Bring the program chaos into order

The more you play, the more you’ll notice the specific patterns of a slot programming, i.e. bonus round rates, winning chances, etc. You’ll learn to ‘get inside the game’ and see what it’s about to do. Just like the great Carmichael were seeing through machines, you’ll see through the software. Any lock’s got its own key.