If you do a lot of business traveling, you are probably pretty used to staying in hotels. Thanks to modern tech, you can find great hotels from the palm of your hand using apps like Booking.com.  There are hotels all over the world in all different styles and price ranges. Depending on your needs, you can find the perfect hotel for you if you do your research properly.  You may find one you like so much that you will return to it every time you travel for business to the same location. 

Staying in hotels can be expensive, however, so you want to make sure you are getting everything you want out of it by looking for the right criteria through the search filter to ensure that your company will reimburse you for the costs.

Some people like to spend a lot of time in their hotel room on business trips in their free time while others just go there to sleep. No matter what your style is, there are some things you should look for while searching for hotels for business trips — here are four. 

Heating And Air Conditioning

Depending on the climate of the place you are traveling to for business, you will definitely need to make sure there is a thermostat in your hotel room. If the place you are visiting is extremely hot, you will want to have an air conditioner that functions well.  The last thing you want is to show up to a business meeting looking disheveled. Make sure that your room is listed as having whatever you need for the climate, or it can negatively impact how well you sleep before a busy day at work.

A Comfortable Bed

One thing you should always consider when traveling whether for business or leisure is comfort. You will need to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep so that you will have energy to do the things you want and need to do. Traveling whether by plane, car, or train can also be very exhausting. When you look at a hotel room make sure to check the description of the bed and bedding for level of comfort to you can perform your best work. 


Check every hotel room for a fridge so that you know whether or not you will have a place to put any food or beverages. This way in case you grab anything while you are out, you can bring it back to your room and keep it cold so that it doesn’t go bad. If you plan on keeping your expense report as low as possible you should try to avoid eating and drinking out as much as possible.


Before you commit to staying the night in any hotel room you should make sure it is nice and clean. Check the reviews and be sure there aren’t any unpleasant experiences regarding cleanliness. You can also check out comments about the bedding and if you notice anything regarding bed bugs you should choose a different hotel right away.

Staying in a hotel when you travel for business can make your experience so much better. Just make sure you check the above on your hotel app so that you have a comfortable and happy place to stay.