Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media networking platforms in the world. Over 800million people from around the globe use the digital platform to connect with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances for some reason or the other.  Many prominent experts specializing in this field predict that this trend is likely to continue shortly and even increase. This is the reason why it is necessary for entrepreneurs owning establishments conducting e-commerce businesses to take full advantage of it. If they are capable of using this invaluable digital media marketing tool efficiently, they are in a position to gain the competitive edge over their rivals in the marketplace.

Why use Instagram for your e-commerce website?

You must have heard of the saying ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ These experts say Instagram allows its users to take digital photographs and images. Like other entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in the marketplace by popularizing their brand products among their target audience, you are aware that taking random photos is not enough. You got to take high-quality photographs of the products you are trying to sell to the public in this environment to boost sales and revenue. Such images should be able to highlight the salient features of such products to prove to your customers that they stand out from the crowd.

These experts further clarify that when it comes to promoting your brand product using Instagram via an e-commerce website, you also need to consider the efficient use of videos. With this prominent social media networking platform, it is possible for you to create high-quality videos of the brand products you are trying to the public with members of your workforce. You need to remember most people find photos, images, and videos of the brand products you are offering to sell them much more appealing than reading content when they visit your e-commerce site. This will increase real Instagram followers to your website.

Benefits of using Instagram for marketing your e-commerce brands

These professionals go on to point out the following four important benefits of using Instagram to promote and market your e-commerce brand products among your target audience:

  1. Exploiting young consumers who constitute the high-income group

Instagram is becoming very popular social media networking site among young people falling within the age group of 18 to 30 years. In fact, experts say such active users constitute 53% of the number of people who interact with their friends, relatives and close acquaintances using digital media platform. They point out a predominant characteristic of this segment of the population is that they enjoy spending extravagantly. Such youngsters work very hard to earn their income, but their expenses are minimal. Due to this, they have enough money to spend on themselves. Making efficient use of Instagram as a marketing tool, businesses operating e-commerce websites can easily tap into and exploit this vital segment of the market. By interacting freely with such youngsters, the entrepreneurs owning such establishments can convert them into prominent members of their target audience.

  1. Using repetition to generate brand awareness

Marketing experts say it is possible for you to create brand awareness of the products you sell in the market by penetrating the consciousness of your clients through repetition. They point out if you can expose your target audience to the products you are offering a sell them frequently over a long time, they begin to recognize your brand easily. Even in the digital age, this continues to be a very popular mode of advertising. Today, Instagram is an efficient digital interactive platform where you can post images and video of the brand products you are selling in the market sometimes every day. You can even consider repeating such posts when the need arises.

They further explain that while you are updating your posts on this social media networking platform, you need to make sure you keep your organization’s logo consistent. This makes it easier for the member of your target audience to associate the products your organization sell via an e-commerce site by recognizing your brand and logo.

  1. Unlimited access to your target audience

In other social media networking sites, you have a pay a considerable amount of money to promote the brand products or services you are selling to the public. This is a very effective way for such digital media platforms to generate money for their founders. However, in the case of Instagram, entrepreneurs owning e-commerce websites do not have to encounter such restrictions once they become active users. When the members of your target audience log on to this social media networking site, they can get full access to the posts you upload vis your website.

  1. Instantaneous postings on some social media platforms at the same time

Instagram has one significant advantage over other social media platforms. As an entrepreneur, owning an e-commerce website, you are at liberty to cross-post images of the brand products you are offering to sell to the public in other social networking sites. These include Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr. This convenient for members of your target audience who are always in a rush and do have time to check all posts you upload in a single digital media site. It is also beneficial for you to know that it is possible for your customers to view such posts in multiple networking channels at the same time.

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular and easiest social networking site people can use to engage with their friends, relative, and close acquaintances. The number of active users is a proof of how important this digital media platform is for promoting your brand products via your establishment’s e-commerce website. Making effective use of this platform as a marketing tool enables you to enjoy the above four advantages. You are also in a better position to generate awareness for what you are selling to the public among the members of your target audience. This is the fact you cannot afford to ignore.