During the Covid-19 pandemic many have found themselves struggling to find ways to entertain themselves as the lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules place by the Government have restricted many from doing their usual hobbies. Many have had to resort to online subscription streaming services to watch their favourites shows to pass the time. However, although this is a cheap and easy way to entertain yourself in the current climate, we all know it can get slightly repetitive. This is why we are here today to explain the benefits of the online casino and gambling world to the consumer on why it can be an alternative to your everyday streaming service.

Casinos have seen a surge in numbers during the lockdown due to the lack of entertainment available to consumers, and bookies seem to have grabbed the opportunity with two hands, enticing punters in with offers throughout. Maximum Casinos have shown this initiative as well, especially on Lionel Bets Casino, in which they’ve have been offering unmatchable sign up offers for new customers during the lockdown which has attracted crowds they haven’t seen before – and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down even with lockdown being eased. When reviewing the Lionel Bets Casino, we also noticed the amount of content they are providing is very impressive for a casino that is not on Gamstop. With great live roulette, a wide variety of household name slots, alongside the large deposit matches they offer to every customer as standard; it isn’t a site we want you to miss out on. 

Another market that has become more popular now that live sporting events have reopened again is the betting markets. A period of the lockdown showed next to none sports on TV so the gambling scene was virtually non-existent, explaining the trend of many moving over to the casinos, but with the restrictions being eased, sports have started again and are back in the swing of things behind closed doors. This is an exciting time for sports fans who have been without sport for near on four months now and it’s looking likely that punters will be making up for lost time – with the Europa League final on Friday and Champions League final on Sunday, many will be looking to see where the best odds are for their tips.