While the frontline warriors continue to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, civilians around the world have been requested to keep themselves safe by staying at home during the lockdown period. Many people have kept themselves entertained by investing their time in catching up on numerous Netflix and Amazon Prime Video series. But for how long will this keep you entertained? We think apart from binge-watching series and movies, people should be exploring their creative sides and building their side hustle. From painting to educating others via e-learning classes, there are numerous options for making money from home. But this one side hustle that helps you earn real money while enjoying yourself is playing and betting on games online.

The concept of internet gambling was introduced to the world in the year 1994, where people have the freedom to wager real money to win cash prizes in return. But online betting in India has surged during the Coronavirus pandemic and have continued to entertain Indians with various tabletop and slot games.

Online betting games are the virtual counterparts of traditional ones that have taken the internet by storm. Here is a curated list of some games that you should try your hand betting on during these lockdown days:

  • Perfect Pairs

The game is an alternative to the popular game blackjack. The general rules of Blackjack games apply to the Perfect Pairs as well. Instead of competing against players, people have to bust the dealer’s hand without going over 21. What makes this game stand apart from Blackjack is that players get to score extra money by placing a “Perfect Pairs wager.” If you place such a wager and your two cards create a pair, you will be collecting quite a sweet cash prize.

  • A Night With Cleo

A Night with Clea is a fun and semi-adult game that is loved by many. From Cleopatra’s chambers to other Egyptian architectures, the theme sets the tone of the game. It is a titillating 5-reel and 20-line video slot game that lets you bet on money and double it throughout the game. On guessing right, Cleopatra begins to undress and removes one garment for each every right guess. If you double the winnings five times in a row, you will see a fully nude from the waist up.

  • Teen Patti Pro

This is a modern take on the Indian classic table game, Teen Patti. The game offers more chances to win real money when compared to the traditional counterpart. Players have to bet on which hand will come out on top – yours, the dealers, or a split pot. If they guess right, they will earn huge winnings from the game.

  • Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice is one of the most popular Chinese games on the internet. Regular players around the world also know this game as Hoo Hey How and Fish-Prawn-Crab. The betting squares in the game consist of animated animals and icons, including prawns, fish, crabs, roosters, coins, calabashes, and a triple (three dice). Players have to bet on the squares of their desired choice and then roll the dice. They get paid if their selections show up on either of the three dice. If the player tries their hand at a triple bet and lands three matching icons, they get to win the big bucks.

  • Spin The Wheel

One of the classiest online table games, Spin The Wheel is a clean, colourful and interactive game. It lets players bet across a multitude of betting areas. While placing bets, they have to drag or drop chips or tags in certain betting areas. It allows players to avail the re-bet option where they can start a new round with the same bet amount as their last one.

Whether you are looking for an alternative for OTT series or video games, online betting in India can be your go-to options. The fun and entertaining games on the internet can help you earn real money if played with good strategies. So, keep yourself entertained by waging real money through online betting in India and receive exciting rewards in return.