How many times you have actually went to the second page of Google search results to seek some information or buy something? Not many times probably. Most people visit the first few links of their Google search results, and this makes SEO the single most important thing for online marketing. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is used to boost your page ranking, which in turn pushes your website up in the Google search results page. In plainer words; the better your SEO is, the higher your ranking is on the search engine results.

If you are a website owner or online marketer, you have most probably read about many SEO tips and tried to incorporate them. Now, if you have achieved success by those that’s great; if not then probably you are using the wrong methods. SEO is no rocket science; and with a few tips you can get measurable result within short span of time.

So, here are 7 SEO tips that can boost up our SEO ranking in less time than your expect.

  1. Go for an older domain: Older domains gets higher ranking. So, if you are building your website, instead of buying a fresh domain look at purchasing a domain already in use. You can go for one that is not being used by the owner. However make sure that the domain name is relevant to your business or website niche.
  1. Use of Keywords: Keywords are the search texts on basis of which a search engine shows its results. Now, there is a misconception that using higher number of keywords will boost your SEO. Truth is quite far from that. Packing your contents with keywords will only be counted as spam and backfire on you. Rather use more than one keyword in an article. Go for a primary and secondary keyword and place them strategically. A keyword should not be used more than 5% of the content length. Placing the keywords in title, picture titles and subheadings are great way to ensure traffic. Do not overuse the keywords, rather place them naturally throughout the content.
  1. Use of long tail keywords: Use of long tail keywords have not been highlighted much. Although neglected, long tail keywords have the potential to increase your SEO manifold. While you are searching for keywords in a keyword generation tool, go down on the list and you’ll get the most searched long tail keywords on the subject. These keywords look more natural in the content and make your content more searchable.
  1. Quality of content: Quality of the content upload on your website has deeper affects on SEO than you probably understand. Using relevant and interesting pictures can go a long way when SEO is concerned. Thus, create unique and informative content to catch your visitors’ attention and get repeated traffic.
  1. Quantity of content: Search engines automatically give preference to the websites with more number of contents. So, keep updating your website with newer contents on regular basis to boost your SEO. Even if you are a small business and have nothing much to say to your visitors; keep updating the information on your website from time to time. You can also add interesting articles on your niche that can benefit your visitors.
  1. Use backlinks: Backlinks are sure shot way of giving your SEO a boost and improve your search engine ranking. Here you can use backlinks within the website to direct traffic to older articles. Also you can use external links where visitors may find useful and interesting information. Linking out to authority sites can be a great idea here. But, whatever you do, keep the backlinks relevant.
  1. Use Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are small paragraphs that appear below the website link. With these Meta descriptions you can actually give a glimpse of the text to your visitors before they even click on the link.

So, these are the 7 SEO tips that can boost up your site SEO to a good extent. While you’ll find these SEO tips to be quite easy to follow, they have the potential to increase your site ranking in measurable terms. Use these in your website or blog and see you business grow.