Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important tasks of any digital marketing team, as websites hinge on good SEO to make sure they’re well above in Google’s search hierarchy to catch the attention of audiences. However, there’s much more to SEO than just plainly hoping for Google to get your rankings up. In fact, blogger outreach can be quite the efficient tool to help you achieve this goal and still open yourself to a ton of opportunities for expansion and growth.

Achieving Good SEO Through Blogger Outreach: Is This Possible?  


If Google and search engines have taught us anything, it’s that it’s extremely important to make sure your website content is relevant to your audience. This is Google’s best-kept open secret, and something not a lot of websites follow. This isn’t just something out of nothing, though. In fact, 68-percent of consumers actually are very likely to read more content from businesses that intrigue them, and 61-percent of online consumers in the United States alone are open to buy products based on blog recommendations. Imagine the kind of reach you’d have if you get reputable blogs and websites to actually endorse your product or service.

Blogger Outreach And SEO: How Do They Fit


With the above in mind, it’s perhaps extremely helpful to understand that effective blogger outreach isn’t just getting your content out there, but getting it in the right way. Planning on your outreach strategy properly can make SEO work for you, and here’s how to do it:

  • Connect with your audience, market much better: Unlike plain SEO where you need to rely on how well your site’s built and how well your content is spread out by your team, blogger outreach gets you to connect with your audience much better thanks to your influencers. They have a natural network they’ve grown and nurtured over the years, and as such you have access to a more stable audience-base compared to what you’re currently building for your site right now.
  • Establish relationships with new markets: You definitely have your target niche for your website and your company, but it’s also just as important to realize that you need to keep an eye on potential markets that might be interested in your product as well. Blogger outreach takes your SEO to the next level by making sure your content is even seen by blogger’s peripheral markets, as in the niches under their wing that get to see their content by coincidence or in relation to another niche.
  • Improve your brand’s recognition, visibility: Search engines want to make sure relevant sites are put on the top of their listings because those websites matter to audiences more. Your brand can be like that through blogger outreach, as when bloggers talk about your brand, Google and other search engines sees this as a sign that your importance to your market is steadily growing.
  • Get yourself quality backlinks: Blogger outreach deals with bloggers talking about your brand in one way or another, and you’re most likely paying them to link back to you. As such, you’re piggybacking on their popularity and credibility to boost yours. Google and search engines love credibility and quality backlinks, and as such this can even boost your rankings more than ever.
  • Become a stronger guest blogger: Blogger outreach for SEO isn’t just about getting your brand talked about by influencers, but also getting you to talk about your brand in other people’s blogs. This allows you to establish your credibility as a figure in the industry, and tell other influencers and your audience that you’re more than willing to share your voice to the world. This is something that’s very attractive for search engines.
  • Increase your social signals: Social signals are indicative of your presence and its strength in social media. As such, you’re actually giving yourself opportunities to get better shares on social media, signaling search engines that your content is in fact extremely valuable to your audience. This in turn helps increase your website rankings with them.
  • Create more subscribers: When you get to reach more audiences through your bloggers, you’re not only being presented from a position of neutrality and no bias thanks to bloggers’ outlook on things, you’re also being piggybacked by their experience. When bloggers say something good or bad about your product, this gives an impression to audiences. And since as a brand, your goal is to ensure quality services, then you might start attracting loyal consumers from the blogger’s end.
  • Get fresher content: When bloggers write about you, not only are they writing something for their site, but you also get additional fresh content for yours. Not only is this content original, it’s also something that’s written to be optimized for SEO as well. You need barely any effort to make this content yourself, which makes it cost-effective from both a time and resources perspective. This also helps alleviate your content worries, as it gives you a head start when it comes to writing your own content.

 The Takeaway: Leverage SEO Traction On Blogger Outreach

Search engine optimization is undeniably one of the trickiest aspects of digital marketing to “master.” In fact, perhaps no one can truly consider themselves a “master’ of SEO, given how Google and other search engines can adjust their parameters based on customer needs and wants. However, it’s precisely because of these needs and wants that you’re in a position to be able to meet the kind of demands search engines have in order to be considered relevant enough for their top listings. Using blogger outreach to your advantage, as specified above, can actually give the kind of advantage you need.