Can someone change the development of modern technology? Probably not because a person always seeks to make life more comfortable. But some areas of technology are still uncertain. Blockchain technology became popular quickly. After that, experts and ordinary users were divided, because not everyone is confident in the wonderful future of this technology. At the same time, most experts are confident that the blockchain will be a new milestone in the development of innovation.

Despite the complex terms and algorithms, blockchain is a simple technology that even beginners can understand. The main system is technology, this is a growing number of special units that can be separated. To prevent any kind of fraud and unauthorized entry, experts use only state-of-the-art protection tools that protect all data. Thus, participants cannot fool each other. All operations are transparent for its participants as all data are entered into one database.

Despite all the rumors and negative reviews, this technology continues to evolve and be implemented in various areas (healthcare/environmental protection and gambling). The popular blockchain is also used in the field of modern digital coins, which have tremendous development prospects in the next 5-10 years, according to Wiki.

When did Blockchain term appear for the first time and why is it so popular? According to Investopedia, this ‘fever’ broke out almost 3 years ago. The industry was pumped up with money, and developers and businessmen rushed to develop this market of the ‘new generation’. Today, this market is one of the richest, so it attracts many investors and companies who are confident in the tremendous future of these technologies. By 2019, several huge sectors of the global economy proved that they really need a blockchain. The multibillion-dollar online betting and gambling industry is a great example. As we know, the excitement has always attracted people and they continue to bet in different virtual casinos and take part in lotteries. But despite the popularity of gambling entertainment, this online business is not regulated in all countries. As a result, some gambling halls began to carry out cash transactions in cryptocurrency. Here the advantages are obvious:


-High security;


In 2018, some owners of virtual gaming halls noticed that online gambling services can benefit not only from cryptocurrencies. Therefore, some of them began to introduce blockchain technology in the work of virtual casinos. Through the use of this method, game resources have proved their honest work (not all of course). This is one of the main options of the modern look blockchain. So, any user can conduct an audit of the movement of finance and the rules of online games. In other words, you can see any detail of the event (bet/time/win). Such a system will allow not only transparent, but also more efficient use of funds. Thus, the owner of virtual gaming rooms can attract more gamers. At the same time, you will only have an honest and transparent gaming session that will be accompanied by large payouts, especially if you play in Jackpot City.

Blockchain technology is the future of potential investors …?

Probably every modern user knows that any kind of innovation needs different financing mechanisms. In addition, the modern world needs blockchain developers. Last year, Hired Service conducted a study and determined that this need increased almost 5 times. The markets of Europe and the USA offer such professionals a large income (at least $ 150,000 a year). The income level in the blockchain development area is approximately equal to the income of an average AI specialist. If companies and different industries spend such money, then they have tremendous results and expensive development. But on the other hand, it also means that they need different financing mechanisms. This is a great opportunity for investors who believe in the successful future of blockchain technologies.

All leading experts say that young developers implement a large number of new but obvious ideas and startups.

“The younger generation of developers has great potential. They want to change this world and make it better. But each of them needs funding and investor support,” said Brittany Lachlin (founder and director of the venture company ‘Lattice Ventures’).

“Being an ‘experienced’ investor, I met many young entrepreneurs and developers, who offered incredible ideas and opportunities, especially in the blockchain technology field. Now, I provide great financial opportunities to startups and I want other investors to do this, too,” Lacklin added.

Nowadays, no one can stop the development of blockchain technologies, because the world needs it. Specialists, developers and programmers have found many stages or even types of financing of such innovative projects. Every month news about new startups appear. In addition, they open up new opportunities for all investors who would like to become part of the great discoveries and technologies.

You probably remember the emergence of ICO and the reaction of the public. This phenomenon reversed the idea of ​​financing projects in the early stages. Of course it was an imperfect mechanism that caught the attention of fraudsters. But at the same time, ICO played a big role. So, developers and most investors realized that problems with financing projects at an early stage still exist. Recall that ICO appeared in the spring of 2017. After 15 months, programmers began to look for alternative funding opportunities using different grants and attracting hundreds of investors.

Despite a number of features and advantages, the blockchain has created a real sensation in the digital world. But at the same time, it is a young technology that has several problems that must be eliminated for a promising future. Now, the blockchain needs a large number of investors who would like to change our world and develop new promising technologies. Experts are sure that this technology will become the basis of not only virtual gambling, but also other areas of our activity.