Gone are the days when Computerized maintenance management systems were a purview of large and established businesses. Today, CMMS is not only affordable but, flexible enough for all companies large or small and saves overhead costs by automating regular maintenance tasks.

If your business is looking to transition from Excel to CMMS systems, it is essential that you know what to look for when choosing the best CMMS solution from the numerous vendors online.

What Does Your Small Business Need From A CMMS?

Most small business owners struggle with getting “everything” done due to lack of workforce and limited resources needed to get the job done.

Thus, the biggest reason to implement a Computerized maintenance management system to your Small Business is the fact that a CMMS automates most of the manual processes you do repetitively daily. These processes include; filling work orders, financial management, scheduling maintenance task, tracking assets and so on.

A maintenance management system will save your business time, money and resources thus increasing your profits and overall growth.

If time is money, automating daily maintenance tasks will positively impact the bottom line. A CMMS will boost profits for your growing company by:

–    Efficiently assigning work with mobile applications

–    Reducing time spent on data-entry using custom templates and fields

–    Minimize downtime by scheduling Preventive Maintenance

–    Increase employee accountability  by tracking work orders

–     Save money by reducing equipment maintenance costs due to fewer emergency repairs/maintenance

Things for watch out for when choosing the best CMMS software

Reliability and Adaptability

The most important thing to consider is a CMMS provider that is reputable, has a solid reputation and is adaptable to the changes in technology. It is good practice to compare at least five different CMMS products. Compare the various features provided and pricing models – make sure you look for hidden costs. The best CMMS software company should offer a product tailored to meet your business needs and one that is flexible enough to grow with your business.

Cloud-Based CMMS Solution

Choose a web-based maintenance management system over an on-premise network. Cloud-based solutions offer regular updates, have less risk to data loss and mostly have zero upfront costs. Also, it is much easier for the software vendor to respond to any issues as they provide support online.


Ultimately, the CMMS software you choose for your business needs to integrate with your management needs efficiently. The best CMMS solution should balance software features, pricing, and user-friendliness. To speed up implementation after you buy a CMMS software, make sure you get your data ready, list how many assets you have and the number of authorized users of the software.

In conclusion, implementing a CMMS is the right move for your business. To find the best system for your small business, compare CMMS vendors online. Make sure to consider the range of features offered in the CMMS packages and choose the right fit for your business.

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