If you’re looking for some fun and addictive mobile games, here are our top five picks you must download right away:

1. Alto’s Odyssey

 Alto’s Odyssey is a fantastic side-scroller that offers endless snowboarding fun amidst the oh-so-beautiful landscapes of a majestic desert. Your aim is to take Alto exploring the dunes, temples, and canyons to find his escaping lemurs. Alto can jump, grind vines, bounce, climb walls, and do so much more to complete the goals and earn rewards. Meet Alto and other friends and immerse in this gorgeous art-style atmosphere.


2. Gardenscapes

 This mobile game has been an internet sensation, and there are high chances you must have seen its ads. The concept is simple – you help the butler restore the outdoor garden. But the gameplay is quite interesting and full of adventurous twists. If gardening is your thing, this is the game for you. There are hundreds of levels and dozens of characters along with an adorable puppy. Homescapes is another similar game where you help the butler design the house.


3. Ridiculous Fishing

 As the title suggests, you’ve to ridiculously keep fishing before you pull out all the creatures to the surface and shoot them out of the sky. Simple! With dozens of unlockables, unique graphics, and excellent gameplay, Ridiculous Fishing is a masterpiece, you’ll not want to put away once you start playing. Billy, the main character, tries to find redemption from his past. So embark on a heroic journey with him for glory and gills. 

4. Snake VS Block

 Swipe and guide the snake made of balls through the bricks and try to break as many as possible. Snake VS Block looks easy, but reaching high scores is pretty challenging. And that’s what makes such puzzles so addictive. It’s absolutely satisfying and calming yet makes you scratch your head as you escalate and beat your best scores.


5. Draw Something

 Similar to Pictionary, Draw Something is an interesting draw and guess game. So one player draws something, and the other players guess what the word is supposed to be. You can connect with your friends or compete with the players online. It’s addictive and a perfect place to show you skills – doesn’t matter if you’re not good at it, doodling works just fine. 

Bonus App

Jigsaw Puzzles

 So we do have a bonus game on this list, and that’s the classic jigsaw. You won’t deny that all of us have solved a jigsaw at least once in our lives. It takes us back in memories – playing with the entire family and putting all the pieces together. But as time flew, these favorites also beautifully transitioned onto the mobile platform to offer just the same experience – fun, exciting, and engrossing. This Jigsaw Puzzles app has over 5000 beautiful HD images to choose from and the right amount of features to keep you playing for hours. Try it once, and you’ll just not put it back. 

Well, that’s about it.

Alto’s Odyssey and Jigsaw Puzzles are our most favorites. Let us know the ones you like or try. We’d be looking forward to your comments. Enjoy!