Imagine going on a road trip after a long time with your friends and family! It’s all happy and smooth until you reach a toll booth. The long queues and the waiting time for the collection of toll charges can really put a damper on the vacation vibes! Moreover, the slow traffic at a toll booth feeds on your fuel and leads to air pollution. But thanks to FASTag, these hassles are yesterday’s stories. FASTag is a digital alternative to manual toll booth payment. You can register and recharge your FASTag app to avail of this particular service. 

The tag is valid for over 5 years. It follows the rule of one vehicle one tag. After purchasing the tag from an authentic source, all you need to do is recharge the tag regularly as per your usage. Over 964+ toll plazas support FASTag now. It is mandatory to complete the registration. 

Let’s understand how you can get a FASTag from an authentic source for your vehicle.

What are some of the authentic sources to register for FASTag?

You need to be well aware of all the authentic sources from where you can register for FASTag. There are a lot of fake websites posing to be authentic POS (Point of Sale) to earn easy money. 

Given that it is a government led initiative, trust POS which are listed on the Government’s website. 

You can check the list of authentic and secure place POS for FASTag on this website: www – . The NPCI lists credible sources to buy FASTag. Always doublecheck with this website to avoid any kind of malign scams. You can also search for nearest POS using the FASTag app called My FASTag. The app includes various sections dedicated to instant recharge, activation of FASTag wallet, FASTag related info, and others. 

The authentic POS are:

  • Toll Plazas
  • NETC member banks (branch or websites) [Includes Airtel Payments Bank]
  • Amazon 

There are over 37 banks which have the authority to issue the FASTag. The list includes Airtel Payments Bank, Paytm Payments Bank, Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and many more. You can check the updated list here –

With digital bank like Airtel, you can register and recharge your FASTag from the comfort of your home with minimum documentation. 

Recharge FASTag using secure platforms

Recharging your FASTag is quite easy. You can use multiple platforms for the same. Airtel Thanks app provides the option to recharge your tag in just couple of seconds. 

  • My FASTag app
    You can use the FASTag app called My FASTag for recharging your tag. Just install the mobile app using Google Play Store or iOS store.
  • Airtel Thanks app
    The easiest way is to use your Airtel Thanks app. Head over to Pay section and select FASTag recharge. Select the POS from where you bought the FASTag. You can proceed and recharge the tag using Airtel UPI or your saved Debit/Credit card. If you maintain a balance in your Airtel Wallet, the process will be faster. 
  • Other FASTag apps
    You can also do a UPI recharge from any BHIM powered UPI app like Paytm. Or you directly recharge your NHAI prepaid wallet (if you have one).

Note: You will be issued a FASTag UPI ID which will be used for recharging your tag using BHIM powered UPI. The FASTag UPI ID consists of vehicle registration number@Customer bank. Let’s say your vehicle number is MH03DB4455 and issuer of the FASTag is Airtel Payments Bank. Your FASTag UPI ID will be MH03DB4455@AirtelPaymentsbank. The ID will be used in the FASTag app.

Keep the above pointers in mind to ensure you buy and recharge your FASTag from an authentic source. No need to wait in long toll booth queues anymore! Use Airtel Thanks app to register and recharge for FASTag!