Cyber threats are growing exponentially each day with the increase in sophisticated attacks that are targeted towards stealing your personal information. If you are wondering whether or not your data is safe on your own PC, then the straight answer is no. No one is safe on the internet and your information is at higher risk then what you may know.

If you want to make sure that your private information remains private then, it is must that you make use of best antivirus software for Windows 10 and other operating systems. In this article, we are going to discuss why your information is not safe on your own PC and what you can do in order to prevent it from getting stolen.

Why your information is not safe?

The internet is full of people with malicious intent you are trying to access your information without your consent. These people, also known as hackers, are always on a lookout to create a backdoor entry into your system and thus get full access to your information.

They do so, by infecting your system with a malware or virus. These malware programs are designed to steal your information which is then sent to the hackers. This can be any confidential file or your private photos, that hackers, later on, threaten to publish on public platforms. Some of the malware programs are designed to delete your files and folders permanently from your system, thus putting your data at high risk.

Instances where celebrity data was leaked online

There have been numerous instances in the past, where celebrity data including personal photos were leaked online. One such case is of Paris Hilton, who remains to be a victim of several data leak scams. During 2005, her cell phone was broken into and all of her private photos were leaked on the internet. Had she used antivirus solution, this data leak could have been prevented.

Reason why PC or Phones get hacked

One of the major reasons, as to why the cell phones get hacked is due to reckless browsing on the internet. People browse unsecured websites and download files from untrusted sources. And thus, when they open such websites and files on their cell phone or PC, they unknowingly infect the PC with malware or viruses.

Due to this, it becomes easy for hackers and sniffers to get a backdoor entry into their system and get complete control over their data.

How to keep data secure on your PC?

One way to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data is by using a good antivirus protection suite on your personal and other mobile devices. Antivirus programs block any loopholes in your PC’s security and delete all of the viruses and malware, trying to cause harm to your system.

Antivirus programs ensure that your data is kept secure by blocking all the malicious websites that can put your system at risk. It provides a safer browsing experience to users, thus protecting their identity on the internet.