It seems all good with your iPhone or iPad until you see the frozen screen, stuck on the Apple logo, device not charging, or any other issues, right? The only available solution you could feel is reset. But wait, what about your precious data inside your device? Well, here comes the powerful repair software, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery which is a one-stop solution for any iPhone, iPad, iTunes issues, comes to rescue. After all, any Apple user needs a quick and effective solution without any loss of data, right?

Wondering what and how efficiently can AnyFix – iOS System Recovery repair the issues? Well, this article walks you through a detailed review of AnyFix – iOS System Recovery. So, let’s get started without any ado.

What is AnyFix – iOS System Recovery?

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is a quick iOS system recovery software that fixes any issues in iOS/iPadOS/iTunes/tvOS in a matter of a few minutes. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is a product of iMobie, a popular IT company that is dedicated to serving Apple users with solutions to all issues.

Precisely, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery can fix over 130 system issues for all Apple devices and can fix more than 200+ iTunes errors. The best part is, any Apple user can get the issues resolved at the first moment without any technical skills required. All you have to do is get problems solved within a few clicks. Sounds cool, right?

Instant Solutions for 130+ iOS/iPad/tvOS Issues

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery solves issues such as stuck on the Apple logo, iPad not charging, disabled iPhone, touch screen not working, stuck in recovery mode, TV not connecting with the iTunes store, etc which may seem heartbreaking to you in just a couple of clicks. 

All you have to do is have AnyFix – iOS System Recovery on your device and see the magic. The incredible repair software tool fixes 130+ iOS/iPad/Apple TV problems occurred in any scenario most instantly. Hence, you can have hands on your nicely working device pretty quickly. More than 100,000 members used AnyFix – iOS System Recovery to fix their iPhone or iPad or iTunes issues. 

System Repair – 3 Repair Modes

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery lets you resolve your iPhone, iPad, or iTunes issues with just a couple of clicks with a higher success rate. All you need to do is choose a repair mode based on the severity of the problem and follow the instructions. It’s quite simple to fix any errors without fail. So, below are three repair modes AnyFix – iOS System Recovery offers.

1. Standard Repair Mode: If you face common issues such as battery drain, device not charging, etc., Standard Repair is the right option for you. You can fix those issues without even losing any of your data.

2. Advanced Repair Mode: Fix iPhone and iPad stuck on the Apple logo, unable to update, restart, or any other stubborn issues with Advanced Repair Mode. You can simply get back your device to normal without having to do much.

3. Ultimate Repair Mode: Got your device stuck in black/blue/white screen or DFU mode, or frozen? Then choose Ultimate Repair mode to fix such awful issues with ultimate solutions.

Note: Read the information carefully before you proceed with any mode as doing so might erase your data except when choosing Standard Repair.

Thus these three repair modes help you to bring back your devices to life. 

Fixes Complicated iTunes Errors

iTunes installation/download/update errors, connection/backup errors/ sync/CDB errors are frustrating, right? You do not need to worry about such issues if you have AnyFix – iOS System Recovery by your side. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery offers quick and one-tap solutions to fix over 200 iTunes errors. So, you don’t have to either worry about accessing your iTunes account or losing data. You can get them fixed right away.

Other Highlight Features

As said, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery fixes more than 130 issues, let’s look at more of its features to better understand about the software. Shall we?

Downgrade or Upgrade iOS

No matter if you don’t like the features of the new version iOS update or feel like you are inviting more bugs with the update, you can always downgrade your iOS to the previous version. Also, you can even upgrade to a newer beta version without having a developer account.

Recovery Mode

Fed up trying to enter or exit recovery mode or got stuck in recovery mode when updating the iOS? Relax! You don’t have to worry from now on! AnyFix – iOS System Recovery lets you get rid of these issues with just a few clicks. The best part is you will not lose any data.

Unlock Device without Password

You don’t have to be out of your iPhone or iPad if you lost your password. Simply, reset the device and freshly login again. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery can help you do that without the passcode. You will have the latest iOS version on your iPhone after resetting and all the data will be erased.

Advanced Technologies

It is the cutting-edge technologies that made AnyFix – iOS System Recovery a successful iOS repair software. The software offers the most simple, quick, smart, and secure solutions with its most advanced technologies such as ForceRepair, SmartScan, iUpdater, RM-Controller, and more. They help in resolving the errors with simpler solutions. So, no matter how severe your iPhone/iPad/iTunes issues are, AnyFix – iOS System Recoveryes comes up with pretty straight forward solutions.

24/7 Customer Service

Not just offering these amazing features, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery professional team with over 7 years of experience is ready to serve you anytime. You can reach them 24/7 to get help. 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can not only enjoy their ultimate offers but choose to cancel your purchase within 60 days and get your refund with the 60-day refund policy. So, without an ounce of doubt, you can buy AnyFix – iOS System Recovery to fix your iPhone/iPad issues.

Easy, Clean & Risk-Free Software

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is a Microsoft and Apple certified developer free of all malware. Also, you can get access to its features as soon as you get AnyFix – iOS System Recovery to your phone or PC. The activation code will be sent to your email. The software is available for both Mac and Windows.

You can get the errors fixed in no time after you enter the activation code.

Free download: AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is available for free download. Click on Free Download and save the file.

Buy AnyFix – iOS System Recovery: Generally, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is available for $45.99 for monthly pricing. 

Fortunately, it runs a sale (but for a short time) in which 1-month costs $35.99, 1-year plan costs $39.99 for 1 device/1 computer. The Lifetime Plan for 5 devices/1 computer costs $59.99 and the Multi-User plan for 10 devices/1 computer costs $69.99 excluding sales tax.

Bottom Line

As you have made it to the end, you have seen how advanced and effective is AnyFix – iOS System Recovery in terms of fixing the software issues for Apple users. However, you need to remember that AnyFix – iOS System Recovery doesn’t fix any hardware problems. 

Besides that, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is capable of doing everything for you to ensure all Apple users are accessing their devices without any hassles. Therefore it is worth buying AnyFix – iOS System Recovery for your iPhone or iPad or Mac or Windows as you don’t know when you might encounter the frozen screen or stuck in headphone mode issue. Moreover, the 60-day money-back guarantee and no risk of losing data features promise you the quality of service the software offers. So, what are you waiting for? Go get AnyFix – iOS System Recovery iOS repair software if this review has convinced you.